Pick of the Week: Cute & Comfy Rain Boot

I've been searching for a cute rain boot for about seven years. Most traditional rain boots don't go up to a size 11. Also, most rain boots run narrow in the calf ....more

Pick of the Week: Lux Leather Jacket

Occasions for which this expensive pleather jacket from BCBGMaxAzria is perfect: - Being a spy with some sort of shady KGB past. - Speeding on a motorcycle before coming to some sort of spin stop and shaking your long hair out of the helmet.- Throwing over your homecoming dress when you have to go into the sewer to hunt vampires.- Alternately, being a vampire (but not one who sparkles because no one needs that).- Seducing Sam Winchester.Point is, this jacket very much looks like it belongs on an action star, preferably one with a grey moral code or secret identity. It's not leather, which makes the price feel like cheating ....more

Etsy Shop of the Week: RetroFolie

I went to the Renaissance Festival last weekend. This is only the second year I've gone, and it's great fun. I've been slowly assembling costume pieces ....more

Altuzarra for Target

First, a public service announcement from Donna and Tom. I've been working 50 hour weeks for a month doing more than one person's job. Becca's in the same boat ....more

The Emmys and VMAs by the Numbers

The VMAs were Sunday and the Emmys were Monday. The fashion at these two event could not have been further apart, so I'm going to mash them together in one post. Why? ...more

Project Runway S13 E3: 20 Years

Week three brings a look back and ahead. To celebrate 20 years of Marie Claire, the designers were challenged to predict what fashion would be doing 20 years from now. But first, we got to see what our judges and host were doing 20 years ago ....more

Bags for Fall 2014

A reader with a lust for bags asked us what will be the hottest handbag trend this fall. Honestly, nothing will be the trend. A few years ago, the runway was full of bags you could stuff the models in ....more

Project Runway S13 E2

Apologies for the delay in recaps. I'm blaming the fact that my hometown was briefly underwater last week and we've been cleaning. OK, enough with the excuses ....more

Love or Loathe: Bags That Look Like Not-Bags

One of the cheekier trends to hit the fall runways was purses that look like something other than a purse: see Moschino's fast food containers or Chanel's grocery baskets. I've seen animals, lips, and several cupcakes. becca still wants a purse once featured on Project Runway that looks like a mace ....more

Project Runway Season 13!

Project Runway is back! And guys, I totally missed it. I don't know how ....more