Project Runway S13 E3: 20 Years

Week three brings a look back and ahead. To celebrate 20 years of Marie Claire, the designers were challenged to predict what fashion would be doing 20 years from now. But first, we got to see what our judges and host were doing 20 years ago ....more

Bags for Fall 2014

A reader with a lust for bags asked us what will be the hottest handbag trend this fall. Honestly, nothing will be the trend. A few years ago, the runway was full of bags you could stuff the models in ....more

Project Runway S13 E2

Apologies for the delay in recaps. I'm blaming the fact that my hometown was briefly underwater last week and we've been cleaning. OK, enough with the excuses ....more

Love or Loathe: Bags That Look Like Not-Bags

One of the cheekier trends to hit the fall runways was purses that look like something other than a purse: see Moschino's fast food containers or Chanel's grocery baskets. I've seen animals, lips, and several cupcakes. becca still wants a purse once featured on Project Runway that looks like a mace ....more

Project Runway Season 13!

Project Runway is back! And guys, I totally missed it. I don't know how ....more

Shopping and Excess

One of our readers brought up an excellent point regarding large wardrobes. Often people who have so much complain like we have so little. Even taking into account cultural and social differences, it's difficult to pinpoint what is that line between enough and excess ....more


Lies. We don't sleep pretty or in makeup. We are too busy party planning, corralling children, traveling from state to state, working, chasing sleep, baking, singing, covering for other people, performing absolute freakin' magic and partying to put together any quality posts this week ....more

Haute Couture Horrors

Couture is our favorite season because designers can let their imaginations fly without worrying about sales. Sometimes that freedom goes wrong. Let's start with the Viktor and Rolf show, which was dedicated to all the little girls who've ever played fashion designer with mommy's towels...more

Fall 2014 Couture

Giambattista Valli had birds, flowers, and stripes in an array of friendly colors. With this much retro infused fun in one place, for a few seconds, I felt like Pushing Daisies was back on the air. Valli sated my lust for stripes, and Armani Prive went catered to my polka dot desire, from the spotted veils, to the beaded evening gowns ....more

Pick of the Week: Clearance Tee

I love Anthropologie, but I won't usually shell out quite that much money unless I'm investing in a staple and there's a sale. And a sale is just what they are having right now--a massive sale.I'm cleaning out my wardrobe (more on that soon) and replacing a lot of clothing. I love a well-styled tee, but most of mine have fallen apart ....more