November is National Lifewriting Month

"It can be about capturing the everyday experiences that make us who we are."

Good luck! ...more

The joy of personal blogging

I thoroughly enjoyed Celeste's post Small Blogs: The Art of the Personal Journal. It reminded me of why I started blogging way back in 1999....more

New blog dedicated to helping women tell their stories

A project that's been germinating in my head for almost a year now has finally been opened to the light of day! Last Friday I launched a new group blog for Story Circle Network. It's called "Telling HerStories: The Broad View." You can learn more about the name at the blog. The blog, like SCN, is dedicated to helping women tell their personal stories. ...more

Why I voted third-party

Also posted on my blog: Becca's Cyber HomeĀ  I've been an Obama fan ever since he spoke at the 2004 DNC, and I've been a supporter since he announced his candidacy for President of the United States. The only blip was Bill Richardson's short candidacy--and darn it, I was really hoping for an Obama-Richardson ticket! But despite those years of fandom and support (both philosophical and financial), I voted third party this year. ...more

The McCain camp has left the playground

This Couch Potato Pundit is laughing my, erm, face off today. I was cheering for Campbell Brown the other day when she raked Tucker Bounds, McCain-Palin spokesman, over the coals for sidestepping her direct questions. Every time I see that clip I wonder how Bounds still has a job--could he have been any more obtuse?! Talk about a PR hack needing PR lessons! ...more

I saw part of that interview - it was nothing but a simple direct question that he didn't ...more

How a Queen made me recognize the power of my own values

I just stumbled upon a great article on CNN about Queen Rania of Jordan. "The most important thing is to instill [my children] with the right values," Rania says. "I just feel that values are the shield that you carry with you throughout life. It protects you from whatever life throws at you." ... ...more

Politics, feminism, and the Mrs. getting lost in translation

The two aren't exclusive, nor do they necessarily always present themselves together. My mom isn't the only one a little fired up by this year's electoral wrangling. My new addiction is POTUS '08 on XM Radio. POTUS stands for "President of the United States" and is an XM Radio station devoted to all things 2008 election, presented from Democratic and Republican perspectives. ...more

I noticed this today and one of the cable news anchors repeatedly referred to Hillary Clinton as ...more