Phil Robertson and Your Facebook Friends

One night in college we all dressed up, left the dorms and headed downtown. One of my friend’s cousins was visiting from Miami. He’s gay. I don’t remember where all we were headed, but Boneshakers, a gay club back in the day in Athens, was one of our destinations. We had fun, and I thought, aren’t I so progressive, going to a gay club?...more

Get Out of the Way of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is not my thing. I know there are many people who would say that it’s just a matter of finding the right kind, but I’m more of a glass of wine kind of girl. That’s just my taste. I’ve never been big on the legalization of recreational marijuana, but I also didn’t oppose it. I’ve been pretty indifferent to the whole thing....more

How I Do This.

…as long as he cares that I’m there. Maybe not like David, newly adopted, possessive. But he looks for me at swimming, tearful, crawls up and grabs my legs, clutches my face with his wolverine claws, clings to the gate demanding I come get him. Maybe he doesn’t call me mama yet, or reach for me when someone else takes him. But if someone else has him and he’s fussing–sometimes…sometimes if I take him he stops....more

What Happened To Quality?

You know what I’m getting really sick of? Every time I buy something with a moving part, or that plugs in, or takes battery, I get hit up at the register to buy a warranty. You want me to buy a warranty on a battery-operated toy? This is a consumer trend that has gotten out of control, and it leaves the manufacturers with no responsibility to provide a quality product, because Hey! You didn’t buy the warranty! Sorry. Can’t help you....more
It's happening over here in man's world too. Tools, clothing, you name it. 3-in-1 oil even ...more

A Teacher's Thoughts on Marriage Equality

I’m so baffled by the people who oppose marriage equality because they say it will destroy the institution of marriage. Where is this traditional marriage-created utopia these people think they live in? Can we stop pretending that marriage has some great history? Tell me again…what is the current divorce rate? Doesn’t marriage actually have a pretty rocky background?Marriage is like living at Disney World…...more