What the Dickens?!

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. No, actually, it was definitely the worst of times for whoever made this sign for the John Harvard Library in London.Thanks to Helen for submitting this atrocity ....more

County Fair Catastrophe

Yikes! I haven't updated Apostrophe Catastrophes in a month! This is truly a catastrophe, and I apologize ....more

Jeep Bumper Sticker Catastrophe

Meg spotted this double atrocity somewhere in Connecticut.Tailgating and crossing over multiple lanes at once are two of my biggest driving pet peeves, but this bumper sticker may be a close third.Thanks, Meg! ...more

Book Review -- Mother, Mother

It's the summer, so I love to spend as much time as I can reading on the beach. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to join the Blogging for Books program, which sends me free books to review! Hallelujah! ...more

Teach Your Children Well

The most appalling part of this catastrophe is that the sign is posted at a school.Thanks to Steve from Camberley for sending this one ....more

Gas Station Catastrophe

My dad sent in this catastrophic sign from a gas station in Lexington, Mass.Time to fuel up for Memorial Day travel. Thanks, Dad! ...more

*You're* Not Learning Proper Grammar

Alan sent me this catastrophic bib from New Orleans. Your learning is... flawed.Now I've lost my appetite ....more

Himalayan Catastrophe

No, not that one. This is just an apostrophe catastrophe that my friend Carrie found during her travels.Thanks, Carrie! ...more

Driving Me Crazy

I feel sort of bad posting this one because everyone at this Suburu dealership was super-nice, and I love their cars, but all's fair in love and punctuation.The showroom had five or six of these banners featuring an apostrophe catastrophe in the plural of Suburu (look below the 2009 in the middle), so I had to take a photo. Incidentally, I read somewhere that Suburu's slogan, "It's what makes a Suburu, a Suburu" [sic] has an errant comma in it. Yes, I'm nitpicking, but that's what this blog is all about ....more

For Kids Who Can't Read Good

Tina sent in this catastrophically ironic sign from Naples, Florida.Good thing this statement is in quotation marks because it probably isn't true.Thanks, Tina! ...more