Appalling Bookstore Catastrophe

One would think that a bookstore, of all places, would know the rules of the English language. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as evidenced by this photo from a Shopko store in Beloit, Wisconsin.Thanks to Dave for sending in this appalling apostrophe catastrophe ....more

Turkey Leg Catastrophe

This catastrophe, which Thomas spotted at the Okanogan Family Faire in Washington State, could not be more timely.Maybe it's trying to say, "The turkey leg is the best part of the turkey." Someone's brain was saturated with tryptophan when he or she made this sign.Thanks, Thomas! ...more

A Bargain Catastrophe

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good bargain. So, I have no idea why it took me three months of living in my new city to visit Disco Dollar! I got a container of big trash bags, a box of green tea, apple cider vinegar pills, and a brand-name hair conditioner, all for $4! ...more

A Cold Mess

Zoe sent in this catastrophic sign from Kelowna, British Columbia.The errant apostrophe in "resumes" is one of several punctuation issues on this sign. How many others can you count?Thanks, Zoe! ...more

Back-to-School Catastrophe

This isn't the most timely catastrophe; I should have posted it in September. Nevertheless, I felt that today was a good day to post this back-to-school catastrophe that Avi spotted on NBC Channel 6 in Miami.I hope the person who designed this graphic isn't an actual teacher.Thanks, Avi! ...more

My Favorite Mistake

David sent in this catastrophic menu from a diner in Allentown.The restaurant may have updated its menu, but it didn't take the time to proofread it.Thanks, David! ...more

I Predict an Apostrophe Catastrophe

If this astrologer were truly psychic, she would have known that she'd be on Apostrophe Catastrophes on October 23, 2014.Didn't see that coming, did you, Ms. Psychic?Oh, I miss Miss Cleo...Thanks to Bryan for sending in this cosmic catastrophe ....more

Catastrophe on the Side of a London Bus

Sometimes a reader sends in a catastrophe so large that it's truly shocking.Thousand's? How could this have happened? As Nina, who submitted this photo, so eloquently put it, "The torment."Thanks, Nina! ...more

Seasonal Apostrophe Catstrophe

Rachel spotted this quadruple apostrophe catastrophe in her local paper in Tupelo, MS.That's scarier than a Halloween horror movie. What is flat pumpkin anyway?Thanks, Rachel! ...more

Colorado Convention Center Apostrophe Catastrophe

I'm way behind on posting submissions, as usual. Kurt sent me this apostrophe catastrophe from the Colorado Convention Center almost a year ago!Thanks for your patience, dear readers. I'll try to post your submissions in a more timely manner.Thanks, Kurt! ...more