Don't Give Up the Apostrophe

This sign was outside the bathroom at the world-famous Woodman's of Essex. I forgive them, though, because... yum, yum, lobster roll.. ....more

This Catastrophe Will Make You Bonkers

Allie spotted this heinous shirt at Primark in England.The lack of proofreading on this shirt is, dare I say it, despicable.Thanks, Allie! ...more

As if Selfie Sticks Weren't Horrible Enough

Tomi spotted this horrifying display at Media Markt in Germany. What is the world coming to? Adding to the catastrophe, the mispaced apostrophe is backwards and the word "selfie" is misspelled on the display sign.Thanks, Tomi! ...more

Someone's Been Drinking

Sometimes you can hit the jackpot on thriftshop bargains, and I think these photos qualify. They provide a treasure trove of bad punctuation.Clearly, someone had been drinking the strong stuff out of these glasses before making the signs.Thanks to Jim for sending these in! ...more

Hawaiian Catastrophe

Joe from Saskatoon spotted this catastrophe at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. He writes, "In a state where they use a pile of apostrophes, I’m pretty sure this one is still wrong." Thanks, Joe! I hope this giant apostrophe catastrophe didn't mar your vacation ....more

Should Have Seen This Coming

Just when I thought I'd seen all the possible ways to misuse apostrophes, I received this photo from David in Kent, England.Shouldn't this psychic have predicted that her ad would be publicly shamed on Apostrophe Catastrophes?Thanks, David! ...more

Another Reason to Take Uber Instead

Sarah spotted this apostrophe catastrophe outside a hospital in Edinburgh.Talk about adding insult to injury!Thanks, Sarah! ...more

Toyota Sequoia Catastrophe

Just because "sequoia" is the only word that contains every vowel does not mean it should be the only word that needs an apostrophe to make it plural.Thanks to Craig for sending in this disastrous ad, which I have clearly had in my inbox for years ....more

Billboard Catastrophe

Size does matter when it comes to apostrophe catastrophes, and it doesn't get much bigger than this billboard that Angie spotted in LA.Obviously, the Hustler Casino isn't trying to appeal to an intellectual crowd, but casino's?!? Really, Larry Flynt?!Thanks, Angie! ...more

Five for the Price of One

While shopping at Jewel supermarket in Chicago, Kate spotted a whopping five apostrophe catastrophes and consolidated them all into one picture.They don't call it a greengrocer's apostrophe for nothing!Thanks, Kate! ...more