My 10 Pound CRISIS!


I do NOT want to run a marathon when I'm 40!!

I do NOT want to run a marathon when I’m 40!!! ...more

What a Girl Wants! (and why it doesn't matter)

 I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want. What do I want to do?  What do I want my life to say? What do I want people to think about me? What do I want to think about myself? What do I REALLY want?...more

The Pain of Self Sacrifice (and why it's worth it!)

 I remember being younger (pre-children) and hearing people say “I can’t even remember life before my kids!”. When I would hear them say this, I would think to myself; surely, that must be an exaggeration; what do they actually mean when they say that? ...more

The Incredible Shrinking Women (yes, plural!)

 I watched this video this morning (posted on and I just had to share this. If you can get past the gasps, uh-huh’s, and the groovy beatnik snapping, there is an incredibly potent and inwardly explosive message this young woman delivers. (Performed at the College National Poetry Slam 2013, Bernard College, New York.)...more
I loved this video. I think that women are working towards not apologizing for taking up space. ...more

Can You Feel TOO much?

  Have you ever been in a relationship with blurred lines of ‘being’? Wondering where you start, end, and where they begin?...more

How do YOU define FREEDOM?

  This is a poem I wrote. Sometimes, I can only express the deep inner longings of my heart through poetry....more

Ready to GIVE UP?!

Ready to GIVE UP?!   I was speaking with a friend today who is going through a very difficult time in her life. She has, for years now, been under the intense scrutiny and harsh judgment of another who is very close to her. It has been very painful to watch....more
@Denise Thanks Denise! One day at a time! I love that I can peer into the lives of other women ...more

Do YOU see in Black and White?

Do YOU see in Black and White?I have actually been doing quite well this week. I feel like I am finally beginning to find balance. Balance between effort and just being, love and chastisement, being ‘out there’ and hibernation, effort and rest.Above all, I’m learning that the ‘extremes’ that I have lived my life by continue to have rippling consequences. The moral ‘right’ is not always as black and white as I have made it. Is it possible that what I think is the ‘right’ thing to do could actually be damaging, not just on myself, but on those I love?...more
@littlemisswordy  @Denise  Learning to love grey!  Thank you so much for my first comments ever ...more

The Inner Critic: Perfectionism's Best Friend

Those who struggle with perfectionism are very familiar with the Inner Critic.  In fact, you could say that the inner critic is perfectionism's best friend, right hand man, or side kick. You rarely see one, without the other....more