Can You Make the Sun Come Back, Mommy?

We were most of the way between lunch in Eau Claire with M's cousins and dinner in Milwaukee with a deploying friend. In the hour before, the sunset stretched from horizon to horizon. Bright purples and reds and orange puffs of clouds, hovering over fields glowing gold beneath the sky. Now the sun was beyond the treeline to the west, and a deep rainbow still clung to the air where it submerged, casting a warmth to the wintry purple of the sky ahead. RH couldn't see the pages of her Pocoyo book, and she called to me from the rear of the car. ...more

Dignity versus Nobility

It's been a long couple days in front of my computer....more

"Robin Williams was..."

"I'm gonna miss you."...more

The Binder

The binderTh...more

Presumption of Innocence

On Monday, I had jury duty.Jury duty is a pain the ass. It's a hassle, it takes all freakin' day, and if you're unlucky a lot longer.Also, if you're really unlucky, it will give you a lifetime of nightmares.I've never served on a jury. Every time I get called for jury duty, I spend all day in silence as judges and lawyers question potential jurors about their ability to rule on the case....more

Change the Mascot

This being America, you can tell the change in the season by what sports are on television.In March, that first time I'm flipping through channels and see baseball, it's like the first time the sun has ever shone. I cry, most years. That's not an exaggeration. Because baseball means spring, and dear lord are midwestern winters long.So I know it was just around the twins' birthday, when baseball was lagging and football only just getting started again, that my husband narrowly avoided having a very uncomfortable conversation with his children....more

Becoming Invisible

When my father was just a few months younger than I am now, he tried to throw my mother a surprise party. She was turning thirty, and although she has never been the sort of person who particularly cares about that sort of thing, thirty is kind of a big deal....more

More About "My Friend"

Writing in a Dark Place


Finishing What You Start

My favorite distractions, reenacting "Litt...more