2008 Holiday Guide For Recessionistas

'Tis the season to be tipping, Fa la la la, la la la la!  But how much should a recessionista tip and whom should she tip in these tough economic times?     The Etiquette Guru, Peter Post, of the Emily Post Institute and other authorities indicate that tipping can depend on a multitude of factors: ...more

Give Me One Minute and I Will Add Five Years to Your Life

Do you want to add five years to your life? This one minute prescription will result in not only accumulating an added five years but will reduce your anxiety, your stress, and achieve a feeling of peace and tranquility during the holidays. Click on the link for the answer: ...more

Matt Lauer Needs to Feng Shui his Inner Beauty OR 3 Gifts for MANOPAUSAL Men

I know this sounds trite, but your inner beauty is much more important than your outer beauty. After watching Matt Lauer's special on Men over 50, Matt, the featured metrosexuals, and Dr. Saltz, The Today Show psychiatrist (I guess talking heads need to have their on-air heads examined) mostly discussed the impending negative self image of men over 50. Mr. Lauer and friends made one's 50th birthday sound like a death sentence. I am a 53-year-young woman and my inner beauty is alive and kicking. I think you need to feng shui your Read the rest of the article at: ...more

Sweets, Sweat, and Santa

I think I am on a sans-estrogen roll this week. (Forgot to refill my prescription.) Mr. Hubby and I are out of town for the weekend and rose and shone at 5:59 a.m. to get to the 6:00 early bird sale at one of the department stores that seduced us with free Godiva chocolate bars at the entrance. I ate the chocolat in lieu of the estrogen. We are now sitting in our favorite little haunt having coffee and tea and enjoying the magical spirit of the season. See the rest of the article at: http://www.girl-woman-beauty-brains-blog.com/2007/12/sweets-sweat-and-sa... ...more

The IT Bangle of the Year Award

The award for the IT BANGLE OF THE YEAR goes to Jessica Kagman Cushman for creating scrimshawed antique ivory bracelets that "lie somewhere between a tatoo and a bumper sticker." These trendy statement pieces are adorning the arms of bitchanistas, fashionistas, and girls and women of all styles of attitude. Read the rest here ...more


A HAUTE COAT FOR COLD WEATHER It has been a masochistic tradition in our household to run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. For the past three years, Thanksgiving morning has greeted us with snow and a bitter windchill. Ah, but the warm bonding that results from the trot is worth the effort. We come together like the pilgrims and the Indians -- oops, Native Americans -- and form a Holiday Family Coalition. ...more


Friday, November 16, 2007 "WHY LOOK GOOD WHEN YOU CAN LOOK PER-FEKT" I had to stop by our local Sephora store the other day to confirm that two of their makeup stylists would be donating their talents at an upcoming fashion show. Standing outside Sephora preparing myself for the onslaught of cosmetics calling me like a pedophile to his young prey -- "C'mere little girl. Look what goodies I have for you -- I hid my credit card deep in my wallet and I said a prayer to the god of shopping. "Please, don't let me succumb to the allure of youth in a bottle ." ...more