FTC Might Regulate Blog Product Reviews

I'm surprised I haven't seen alot of chatter about this: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124045072480346239.html The FTC is currently looking into whether they should police bloggers do to many misleading claims made on blog about various products. The FTC could force companies to repay costumers but what will happen to the bloggers they feel are being dishonest is still up in the air. ...more

Bloggers Infringing Photographer's Copyrights

Copyright infringement has become a big concern in the blogosphere.  Bloggers currently are the biggest copyright infringer’s photographer’s deal with. This problem has been an ongoing discussion in the photography community; photographers are getting very frustrated that their copyrights are being ignored... A lot of bloggers don't seem to realize you have to have a photographer’s permission in order to post a photo on your blog or you are breaking the law in several countries. ...more