When Walking With Rose Colored Glasses Gets Treacherous

So the mister and I have been doing some renovations in our home. For most couples this can be a tense process; as basically everything you own becomes covered in dust and the tasks that you thought would only take an hour start feeling insurmountable. I'm not gonna lie, I'm vaguely handy so I wasn't entirely surprised when Sir called me out on not pulling my weight. It'd be one thing if I was just hopelessly clueless about what I should be doing or where to start but I can figure it out. I'm just lazy and thought I could get away with it....more

Is There Life After A Relationship Begins?

Editor's Note: I am often asked about life after relationships begin and what advice I can give to help couples stay focused, work through issues, and avoid letting their relationships turn stale. The key, in my opinion, is understanding that the life you've known thus far doesn't suddenly end when "I" and "You" become "We". In fact, an entirely new life begins and "we" should focus on experiencing life together and building bridges that connect the separate lives we had that shaped who we are now. ...more

"It's imperfect, it's not forever..."

Hello ladies and gents, kids and kittykats, and all you fellow insomniacs,My head hurts.  Not only my head but my heart....more