It’s A Wonder I Survived Into Adulthood, What With My Itchy Big Toe, And All

Looking back on my life, it has become apparent that I probably never should’ve survived to adulthood. Observe: I was born two months premature, and extremely low birthweight. I could have all sorts of debilitating health problems, but I don’t. Actually I do. I’m allergic to everything, and my big toe itches. Also, I think a fly just landed on me. When I was a youth, we used to play smack-dab in the middle of the street for hours at a time, with the impression we'd just dodge any approaching cars....more

Hello Mania. It's Been Too Long.

Though one of my reasons for starting this blog was to be open and honest about my bipolar depression, I haven’t touched on that subject for quite awhile.  Mostly because I’ve been doing well. In fact, lately, I’ve been feeling great.  Super-great.  Super-super-great. So good that I’ve been “treating” myself to the $20 this-or-that several times a week. So good that I want to drink more (than usual), eat more (than usual), do everything more (than usual). ...more

Lions Eat Zebras, Unless The Zebras Can Guess Their Names. Or Something Like That. Jerks.

There is no Disney version of Rumpelstiltskin.   Probably it’s because most of the characters are jerks, and the plot is driven mainly by the quandary of who can out-jerk the other jerks. It’s also one of my preschooler’s favorite stories as of late. ...more

Crazy = Wonderful

October 2006 through October 2007 will forever go down as the year I went crazy. Now, I don’t use the word “crazy” lightly. But the time line of what happened in those months is as follows: October 21, 2006: Husband and I got married Two weeks later: Husband and I find out his graduate advisor is moving from the University of Minnesota to The Ohio State University, and we must move as well. January 1, 2007: We move from St. Paul, MN to Columbus, OH. ...more

Side Effects Include Empathy...

“She must be off her meds...”That phrase is uttered when some one (usually a woman) is irrationally angry, a narcissist, or a drama queen. It is said with a sneer. With contempt. I’m not offended by the phrase. It is a joke, a colloquialism. It’s a means of expressing disdain for a person’s actions or attitude. It’s not personal.But when I miss a dose of my medication for bipolar depression, here’s what I experience:- Nausea. Think hangover. Think morning-sickness.- Headache...more

The Post About Religion Because I'm To Befuddled To Think Of A Catchier Title

At the risk of alienating my tens of readers, I’m tackling the question: what is faith?I was raised Christian Science, but I never really believed. I was down with the whole God thing, but as a child I just couldn’t grasp the interrelationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and by the time I was old enough to understand I no longer cared....more

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It really helps to know I'm not alone on this ...more

Hell, Thy Name Is IKEA

We moved. We’re poor. Some of the furniture we’ve used since college finally fell apart. A trip to IKEA was in order.I needed to bring my mother with me. When she decorates a room, it looks like this:...more

And I always lose my little paper with my aisles and bins on it. IKEA needs an app where you can ...more

Responsibility 101

Husband and I have a love-hate relationship with responsibility. Which is why we have two kids 22 months apart. Same goes for housework. Every couple weeks we’ll agree that our apartment is some sort of biohazard, and maybe we should clean it before we get scabies or ebola or something. Then we go on a cleaning frenzy. Everything is vacuumed and dusted. Laundry is completed, folded and put away. Dishes are washed, floors are mopped. Toilets are scrubbed. The apartment stays in this state of sterilization for exactly 3 days....more

Is Anybody Out There?

Hi, my name is Angela and I have bipolar depression....more

Why Isn't There A Parenting Aptitude Test?

How do you know when you’re doing this parenting thing right?Is it enough that, Grandma used to say, you’ve kept them off the streets and out of prison? Is it enough that when I tuck them in at night, I feel satisfied that I kept them alive for one more day?Yesterday was just too much. Baby did nothing but whine and cry all day long. She cried when she was hungry, and then cried when we tried to feed her. She cried when she was tired, and then cried when we tried to put her down for a nap....more