on my nightstand: May 2013 edition

Here are a few books that I am looking forward to reading in the next few weeks: Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella (because everyone needs light romantic comedy in life) It Happened at the Fair by Deeanne Gist (because nothing beats a well written emotion wrenching story  on a quiet Sunday afternoon) Secrets of an Organized Mom by Barbara Reich (because I need professional help) Looking forward to be taken to another world (even if only for an... [[ This ...more

how does your garden grow?

Around this time of year since 2011, we've devoted our garden to growing fruits and veggies.  I've posted about corn and string beans that we've harvested from our garden.   I'm afraid to say that this year we've been a little lazy.  A lot lazy.  Instead of veggies, we've chosen to plant flowers.  We just put a "few" bulbs into containers and waited.  And, waited for the climate to warm up into spring.  The last few weeks have brought a ...more

not so little things: breakfast dates

The hubs and I have a standing commitment to go out on a date every week.  We have a spending limit that we try to keep.  However, due to both time and budget constraints, we have had limited options as of late.  We did, however, realize that there was a block of time on Sunday mornings that we could spend together while the kids were at bible study (CCD). So, instead of our fancy dinner dates (which are now few ...more

traveler's journal: Yelping it in Vegas

Several weekends ago, the hubs was scheduled to fly to Vegas for a conference.  It was the perfect chance for us to get a mini-vacation so we jumped at the opportunity when Southwest published discounted fares.  Using our points, we were also able to score a free room for the weekend! Because we were on a limited budget and wanted to make sure we got the most for our money, we decided to Yelp possible foodie haunts.  We were tired ...more

clean home: organizing scarves

I have a ton of scarves.  For the longest time now, I've placed these babies in several different locations throughout our house.  There are a few in our coat closet, my closet and a basket near our front door.   While scanning through a home improvement magazine at my doctor's office, I chanced upon a scarf display using towel rods.  I liked the idea and thought of replicating the same in our house.  Problem was I did not want to ...more

foodie find: bourbon steak san francisco

Once in a while, my husband and I decide to try out new restaurants.  We usually go for a "fixed price menu" so that our final bill would not surprise us.  I also prefer the fixed menu, because sometimes, especially when one is ravenous, i.e., "hangry" (hungry, and angry because I'm hungry) picking from just 3 entree`s is so much easier. On a recent trip to San Francisco, we decided to avail of a fixed price menu created specially by ...more

objects of our attention (OOOA): Letting go with Lego

I found a new way to redirect my thoughts from the daily stresses of life. Stress therapy, if you will. Legos.  The old school way.  My son and I recently found a tub of lego bricks (well used but now abandoned by his older sister). I separated the bricks by color, and built a fire station with the red and white. Ta-da! Focus on the red and white arch - our so-called fire station.  Daddy calls it "Mommy's chinese temple inspired" ...more

traveler's journal: union square san francisco

Westin St. Francis Westfield Mall [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...more

objects of our attention (OOOA): spring shoes

Spring!  Time for new shoes! Don't get me wrong - I love a good pair of boots.  In fact, I have a "few" pairs that have seen me through the cold winter.  That being said, I'm ready for spring and the cute new pairs that go along with it. I wasn't really looking.  You could say that I was just passing the time away at the mall.  Really.  Nonetheless, here are a few that caught my eye at Nordy's... Love ...more

foodie find: Cafe Rouge in Berkeley

I will admit that this is not our first visit to Cafe Rouge.  We've been here many times in the last few years, and I actually just realized that I should write about it. Looking back to all our visits, we've never been disappointed by the entrees that we sampled.  We've tried their burger, braised pork and their cheese platter.  One thing that I hope will not change is the house bread - crusty on the outside, and just the ...more