What do you expect Von, when you bring up strong minded daughters?

I hate to admit it but they are right, I was seriously kidding myself if I hadn't expected this day to come. Nine years after my eldest daughter Jem, first fell in love with Africa, she booked her plane tickets for the adventure of her lifetime. She had spent 2 years working multiple jobs after school hours and saving her money, focusing on her dream to make it become a reality. Once she completed high school and the decision of would she go straight on to university or take a 'Gap Year' off needed to be made, Jem decided to take the time off....more

Being Von

I love being in my 40's! More than any other decade I have lived, this one seems to be the one where I have finally allowed myself to start learning to love myself. It no longer sounds or feels conceited to place myself higher up my priority list to a level where my needs are important too. I realise now that I have to learn to love myself before I can look to someone else to love me. It's a tough lesson to learn and I can't tell you how many times I have resisted the concept over the years because I've well and truly lost count....more