The Artist's Early Work: A Portfolio

 From Quiet to Chaos, 2011 Crayon on glass, with drapery overlay...more
Bunny Beheading is clearly my favorite. :) Damn capitalism.more

Death By Laundry

Originally posted on my blog, The Bean, January 1, 2012It started as a little pile A tiny pile of dirtied style To wash it would just take a whileA very short, short while.But my life was busy, so I let it grow, even though I needed clean and folded clothes I really let it go.The family just kept adding more The hamper spilled out on the floor Still, I refused to do my chore That useless, boring chore....more

101 Thoughts on Life: A Letter to My Son

I first published this three years ago, when my little Bean wasn't even two. Now he's 4 1/2, and every word still holds true.-----------------------Dear Little Bean:...more

At Least My Bangs Are Clean.

 3:15am Deep sleep. I am in heaven. My job does not exist and I spend my days on a beach lounging hand-in-hand with Matt Damon and engaging in something called “couples massage.” Husband watches jealously while collecting dirty towels....more

I Have a Son

I have a son.I’ve had this son of mine for nearly four and one half years now, and yet still somehow when I say it out loud the words send shockwaves all through me -- all the way through to the very deepest parts of me.I have a son.The shocking part isn’t that I’m somebody’s mom, although that part can be a little tough to swallow given my long history of insisting I’d never make this particular set of life choices....more
Beautiful! It's amazing how children change us as we watch them grow. I have two sons and they ...more

The Power of Blogging

I want to say something about blogging. I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while now, and like anyone else I’ve had my ups and downs. It's the natural progression of a blog, I suppose, an evolution that we all go through on some level -- at least, those of us who love it do. I’ve loved the blog, I’ve hated the blog. I’ve felt insecure about it, I’ve been unbelievably proud of it. I’ve seen it as fun, I’ve seen it as work. I’ve walked away from it only to find that I missed it terribly....more

That's good to hear! I happened to mention at an interview I knew HTML and taught myself and ...more


The other day someone asked me what it felt like, jumping from a steady, stable day job into a fresh start as a freelancer. My answer? So far, it feels a lot like diving headfirst into a pool of freezing water, right in the middle of winter. I’ve plunged from the warm security of a full-time, corporate job into the icy cold waters of freelance — and right now, my lips are a little blue....more

just keep swimming!more

Less Sex Talk, More Wrinkle Remedies

I’ve been reading magazines a long time and there are some that I’ve gotten too old to enjoy (Seventeen) and some that just aren’t as funny to me today as they were when I was a kid (MAD) — but never in my life have I picked up a magazine and been so alarmed at how little it actually interested me than I was today when I picked up the latest copy of Cosmo.  ...more

in line at the bank.


OK the post was funny and this comment - also ...more

Diversity vs. The Niche

As I get further into my freelance career, I’m finding the road paved with tough choices I have to make to create an appropriate “brand” for myself. It all feels very make or break as I try to identify my work in a way that will make it the most appealing to potential clients. One of the biggest choices I’ve had to make so far? Diversity vs. The Niche. Ask any freelancer and they’ll fall soundly into one camp or the other:...more