Well Hey There

So. ...more

The Ladies: 6 Months Later

This is just a little recap of our first six months with Chickens. ...more

Get Into the Woods

Matt and I had a text exchange on Thursday that looked a little something like this:Me: Oh my gosh, you start teaching Monday, don't you? ...more

See them Sleep

If you follow me on instagram (hello_rebekah) you will know that I have an everlasting love of watching (and photographing) my boys as they nap. ...more

Dirty Hands, Happy Hearts

A good long while ago, I shared this picture with you... And now? ...more

Summer Snippets

Weeeellll hello there! I don't even know what happened, I blinked and now it's August. ...more

Oh Hello

Well hello there! How are you little blog? ...more

Spring in in the Air...

...and boy-oh-boy are we ever ready for it. ...more

The Bathroom...Befores

About three weeks ago we started our real bathroom renovation. ...more

The Nuggets

We have been growing our household in a new way these days... Peep peep! ...more