Food Experiment Update - War Declared on Cheese and Bagels

I’m still plowing through my two weeks of no processed foods and figured that now is as good a time as any to give you an update. I had some organic swiss cheese on Monday and promptly felt sick.  I’ve had this cheese before.  I’ve loved this cheese before.  And now it hates me.  Maybe the cheese heard I was cheating on it with vegetables? I had half a bagel yesterday and promptly felt…hmmm…how do I put this in a delicate and lady-like way….like a fart factory for the rest of the day.  That was nowhere near lady-like, but neither wer...more
That sounds rigorous. Too rigorous for me and no fun. I wish I had your will power:)more

The Great "Food" Challenge of 2011

Please alert your favorite media outlets: I have an announcement. Several weeks ago I decided to tear myself away from streaming Netflix (thank you Blu-ray and your awesomeness*) and Vanity Fair to read something with a little more substance. I know…boring. I picked Fast Food Nation and In Defense of Food. Apparently watching Food Inc wasn’t enough for me; I had to keep the food terror going in book form. While I wanted to love Fast Food Nation, I just couldn’t get into it. It is IN-DEPTH....more
@sassymonkey Oh I could have eaten a pound of jelly beans last week! The good thing is that the ...more

What happens when I impulse shop - BlogHer '11 Version

Several months ago I found out about the BlogHer conference and that it was going to be in my very own backyard: San Diego. Well, it would be my backyard if my backyard was 90 miles of desert. In a moment of impulse, I bought a one-day ticket to attend the conference on Saturday.  Then I promptly forgot about it.  Until the reminder emails started to become more frequent and they sent out the schedule and information on break-out sessions. Now I'm starting to freak out. I'm going to be in a real conference room with bloggers who I read on a daily ba...more

Suburbanites Lost in the City

A long time ago in a parallel universe where I thought work was more important than sleeping, I used to spend a good amount of time working in downtown LA.   Now I've realized the error of my ways and only set foot in downtown when there is food involved.  Mmmm...Olvera Street.... Today, however, I am here for work.  I could have said "no" and skipped the meeting this afternoon (my amazingly cool bosses were fine with that) but I decided to come anyway.  Because I'm such a dedicated e...more

Where are my prunes and Icy Hot

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you that you would understand something when you got older?Lies!! I’m older and there is something that I officially don’t understand and it becomes less and less clear to me with each passing day. Justin Bieber....more

Work Meetings

I have a manager at work that started a week after I did.  He's new and wants to prove his awesome managerial skills to our department leaders.  I get it...everyone wants to prove that they are useful.  That's why I show off my skills of opening wine bottles or rapid-fire eating Cinnamon Altoids until my tongue catches fire.  Those are useful skills.  Right?One of the things the manager implemented was a morning huddle.  It was meant to be a 10 minute meeting where everyone gets together and briefly talks about what they are working on that day....more

I have no idea how this happened, but it's all Daniel's fault

Last week Daniel was surprised with a trip to the Four Seasons Biltmore in Montecito.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Santa Barbara/Montecito area, I can sum up Montecito in five words...Oprah's largest estate is there. Who gave Daniel this wonderful surprise?  Two partners at work. Why did he get this wonderful surprise?  So he could attend a banking conference and network with potential clients. What did I get?  Two nights at home alone to plot my revenge for all the text mes...more


My office participates in the Adopt-a-school program where twice a year, we gather needed school supplies from employees who are in a charitable mood and donate them to a local school. The school always gives a list of what supplies they need. That makes sense.  We don’t want to give them 400 Webkins dolls, Mardi Gras beads and ketchup packets because that’s all people could think to bring. The list is pretty specific.  Crayola crayons, large size (8 count), Glue sticks (Elmers or Scotch), Small pairs of FISKAR Brand Scissors. A girl who sits close ...more


For years I only thought of Arizona as the dusty state smashed between California and New Mexico.  Things are usually pretty quiet in Arizona.  With the exception of the immigration law debate. And with the exception of last weekend. I've been debating for several days if I would write anything about the shooting or not.  Most of the time, my conclusion was "no" because, honestly, what do I have to say that others haven't already said?  Nothing. I have nothing to say...more