Make Headbands with Irish Shamrocks!

My girls love wearing headbands. They have all sorts of them, including ones that look like bunny ears for Easter and reindeer antlers for Christmas. So of course we had to make headbands with Irish shamrocks for St ....more

Sock Puppets

I like doing activities with my kids with items we have around the house already. It not only promotes creativity, but saves me a trip to the local craft store! That’s why I like sock puppets ....more

Fantastic Flower Wreath

Guest Post from My Daughter: Enjoy a fantastic decoration and a fun craft with this easy activity. Wreaths are not just for Christmas anymore. This one can be used all year round ....more

Kid Friendly Recipes: Corn Casserole Recipe

While Thanksgiving is definitely about the turkey, it’s also about the side dishes. And while we do like to experiment making various veggies, we always make sure to have some kid friendly recipes like this super easy corn casserole recipe. Not only do my kids love eating this corn casserole, they love making it too! [...] ...more

Pumpkin Pie Recipes: Upside-Down Pumpkin Pie

My second grader made this recipe at school and couldn’t wait for us to make it at home! My first thought was I can wait because I don’t like pumpkin pie, but her enthusiasm was so adorable I decided to give it a try ....more

Kid Friendly Recipes: Pumpkin Shaped Rice Krispie Treats

Next week both my girls have Halloween parties in their classrooms. So my daughters are already asking “Mom, can you bring a treat in?” I always want to answer yes, but realize some weeks are crazier than others. So I like to find kid friendly recipes that are not only festive, but easy to make. [...] ...more

Halloween Crafts: Paper Plate Pumpkins

I love when my kids come home from school with artwork. Not only because it boosts their self-confidence when I proudly display it, but because, like photographs, the artwork is something tangible I can keep to remember different phases of their childhood. After it’s hung on the wall, fridge or sliding glass door for awhile, [...] ...more

Halloween Crafts: Paper Bag Pumpkin

I love doing Halloween crafts with my kids, but I’m partial to easy Halloween crafts you can make with items you likely have around the house already, like this soup can mummy and paper plate pumpkin. Today I’m going to share another easy Halloween craft made from household stuff, the paper bag pumpkin. What [...] ...more

Kid Friendly Recipes: Apple Cottage Cheese Pancakes

I love autumn. The days are cooler the leaves are changing, and ....more

How to Make Homemade Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker!

We love ice cream! We take it so seriously that we have a family expression, “Never joke about ice cream.” That’s why we were excited when the girls got the opportunity to make homemade ice cream on our recent trip to Vermont. We were just a wee bit more excited when we got to tour [...] ...more