Gluten Free Halloween Treats

(NOTE: Technical difficulties re links and toolbars. Please visit Halloween can be fun for everyone with this selection of yummy gluten free Halloween treats. While going gluten free can help those with celiac disease or autism, it may also assist with weight loss and general well-being....more

Sugar Free Halloween Sweets & BONUS

Have a healthy Halloween this year, while scaring off the sugar monster and sneaking in some veggies. These recipes are great for anyone trying to reduce the sugar in their life, not just those on Sugar Busters® or diabetic diets. And the flavors will keep your spirit sweet, so dig in! Remember how the Key Lime Pie Murder’s heroine, Hannah Swensen, revealed a left-field secret ingredient (tomato soup) in a cookie recipe?...more

Cookbook Giveaway & Review

Win a FREE copy of Confessions of a Red Hot (Veggie) Lover, my lacto-ovo (eggs and cheese OK) vegetarian e-cookbook that debuted in June on Amazon.  Lori of La-La's Home Daycare of Baton Rouge, LA, has posted a rave review of the recipe One Bowl Frittata on her blog.  She's also hosting the giveaway: one copy of Confessions, available worldwide.  For details, visit La-La's Home Daycare.  Good luck!...more

Meatless Monday: Halloween Dinner Party Menu by Susan Swift

"Careful what you ask for, you just might get it." Well, I was curious about guest blogging, and what should happen, but Susan Swift came along and offered to write for this blog. It turns out she's an award-winning author of 15 romance novels (checkout the covers on her Facebook page) with Silhouette - and a vegetarian former attorney, who's defended animal rights activists. Isn't it amazing how the Universe responds to our questions, sometimes?...more

Broccoli 'Rizo Pepper Jack Pizzas

Rated KF for Kid Friendly, N for Nutritious, QE for Quick and Easy, S for Spicy, V for Vegetarian, and Y for Yummy! This is my first post using my own original recipe. I did not use any specific measurements. Simply prepare according to your own taste. Pepper Jack and Soyrizo(R) are both spicy, so balance your flavors. Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, toasted Prepared pizza sauce Broccoli Soyrizo(R) Pepper Jack cheese 1. Spread Pizza sauce onto whole wheat toast. I use about 2-3 tablespoons. ...more

Meatless Monday

“Don’t have a cow,” says an ad for a global movement that has upped the ante on going green and living lean.  Meatless Monday has taken its place at tables around the world, including restaurants, celebrities and entire communities, even Ivy League universities.  Mom bloggers, special interest groups, and institutional foodservice contractors are also onboard, while major media outlets avidly cover the trend.  Despite the inevitable backlash from meat producers, Meatless Monday continues...more