Just Add Water

I recently overheard the following exchange between a married couple in their mid-40s. As they settled their bill and prepared to leave the restaurant, they were discussing the social problems his mother, an apparently reclusive woman, was having since moving to an Assisted Living facility. The wife pointed out to her husband that he held many of the same attitudes about being socially engaged as his mother – the less interaction with other people, the better. ...more

Live Your Dreams - Now

The lights are low, illuminating the brick walls with a soft glow. The echoes of footfalls from well-heeled shoes bounce across the room then sink into crevices and corners. Beyond the oversized, unadorned windows, Main Street is quiet. It is, after all, a blustery, cold Monday night. Despite the date on the calendar, spring seems like it is still months away from arriving. It is a good-sized crowd gathered. There are young people from the local Governor’s School for the Arts. Older couples – presumably friends of one of the readers. Men and women. Other writers and poets....more

A Lick Hello, A Lick Goodbye

An hour’s drive from my home is a place called the Anderson Jockey Lot. I don’t know that it still is, but this flea market was once the largest in the southeast. As a child, I vividly recall spending many Sunday afternoons wandering past vendor after vendor, seeking the newest must-have item. Although I’m sure I wasted many a dollar on untold and long forgotten treasures, there’s only been one true treasure to come out of that place. My Bella – the Jockey Lot Princess. ...more
@Karen Ballum Thanks for your condolences. She was the best. I love your blogs, BTW.more

Please, Don't Hurt The Bunny

I’m currently taking an Advanced Novel Writing class with a published author of 40+ books and magazine articles. Prior to each week’s class, the participants have to submit at least one chapter of their ongoing attempt to complete a first (or in my case, a second) draft of a manuscript. In addition to providing instruction on the construction of the book, the instructor spends time discussing each of our weekly submissions at length. She offers suggestions, points out holes in the story, and provides guidance on further developments. ...more