Aging Out of Motherhood

A few years back, I was setting up an appointment with a therapist for my husband and me. We'd hit that place where we needed someone to mediate our conversations. We weren't doing it well on our own.Over the phone the shrink had asked me some basic questions in preparation for our visit. One answer caused him to mumble a huh, as in oh my. He was responding to my age and the age of my son, my youngest child. At the time I was 50 and Ford was seven....more

No New Friends

A long time ago, when I worked as a reporter for People magazine I had a co-worker, Leah, who used to say that her Rolodex was full. For those of you who don’t remember life before Smart Phones, a Rolodex is where we used to keep our contacts. What Leah meant was that she was at her maximum friend capacity and wasn’t interested in expansion. I took her comment as a joke, but she wasn’t joking. ...more