Read This Book. Immediately, If Not Sooner

About two months ago, I accidentally downloaded a book onto my Kindle. Truly, I had no idea that I purchased it until I looked at my email the next day and saw the notification from Amazon. When I saw the email, I actually went so far as to try to see if I could return it because I had no idea about it's premise and the title didn't really strike me as all that interesting. Aside: I'm not a huge non-fiction reader. I do read some of it mostly to stretch my brain, but generally my reading is all fiction....more

Meeting the Needs of the "Easier" Child

Towards the end of the summer, my daughter got exponentially more ready to go back to school with each day that passed. She began a countdown, started laying out her clothes, talking about who might be her teacher and what classmates she hoped to have. The day finally came where we could stop by the school and check the class lists, so we did a quick drive by. She was disappointed to find out that she was split up from pretty much all her friends, but we decided it would be fine and that she could use this as an opportunity to grow and make new friends....more
Good for you for going with your Mommy instincts. NO ONE can ever know your child like you do! I ...more

Filed Under Instructional...How Not to Launch A Boat

There are many, many blogs out there giving directions about how to do all kinds of things, both complex and simplistic. Normally, there is a set of instructions and if you play your cards right, following them will yield a result at least close to what you desire. However, here in the Connelly household, normal is just a setting on the dryer.This past weekend, we were fortunate enough to have a boat at our disposal....more

The Difference A Year Has Made

A few years ago, I was given a copy of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell by the hosts of a sales training I was attending. This book examines some patterns of success that are not what I would consider obvious to the casual observer. One of the sections of the book analyzes the birth dates of Canadian professional hockey players and presents this information adjacent to their levels of success....more

How My Son Is Trying To Kill Me, or, Why Jenny Lawson Is My Hero

Yesterday afternoon, I was making dinner as Lawton and Cecilia left for softball practice. Will had finished his homework and was wanting to watch TV but I declined his request of shiftless loafing and told him to go play instead. We decided that I was going to finish getting the spaghetti going and then go for a bike ride. He was going to "dink around" in the meantime. About five minutes after this conversation, I was finished and went to the garage to find Will and leave for the bike ride. And he was nowhere to be found....more

How Do You Be Honest, Kind, Direct And Nice, All At The Same Time?

Hi Virginia! I know I'm super late responding to you - I haven't been on BlogHer in forever and ...more

I'm A Nosy Neighbor

Where does your food come from? A few years ago, I would have answered this question by naming my favorite grocery store. In the not too distant past however, I began to have a deeper interest in food, particularly in it's origins....more

And Then EMS Showed Up

It was this time last year that I went for one of my lunch time walks - this one was going to take place at Hampton Park. It's one of my favorite places to walk in the spring because the landscape is just too gorgeous for words, there are several different loops you can walk on and you can be totally alone if you want. Plus it has parking, which, as my fellow Charlestonians know, is kind of a big deal. I had just parked my car and was heading towards the park when I realized that the scene next to me just didn't seem right....more
 @HomeRearedChef Thank you very much for reading, and for leaving such a nice comment. It was a ...more

Cookies In Lieu Of Creativity

Anyone who has been following this blog for any length of time knows that I am not a blogger because I am driven internally to write. For some bloggers, writing truly is a part of their makeup - I am not one of them. What this means to you is that when I'm stressed, the already marginal flow of creative juices is squelched to well, not even a trickle. All brain power is directed elsewhere.However. There is one thing that never, ever, fails to fascinate me and that is food. Unfortunately for my waistline, I find food endlessly intriguing....more

The Summer Quilt

Ah, spring. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing...and I? I'm panicking. What causes this particular brand of March madness, you ask? Basketball? Nah, not interested. Taxes? Nope, done already thank you. School? No way - it's almost over. Wait. School's almost over? There it is. There's the rub.Every year about this time, our thoughts turn to summer. Spending time on the beach, grilling out with friends, maybe even going on vacation - all this and more are the things we think of when we think of summer....more