The Ugly Truth I had one anxiety dream after another last night. It seemed that everytime I opened my eyes I could recount at least a portion of a stressful dream and by morning there were just too many to remember. In part, it's because it's Monday. It's the beginning of the work week. ...more

Dedicated Poo Gliders

To My Dogs, One And All, With Love ...more

Bright Stars, All Of Us

Pish Posh woman said "Pish-posh" to me over the phone last week. I could hardly keep up with the conversation after that. She could have told me that Canadians were crossing a canal in canoes and it wouldn't have mattered because my mind was all over pish-posh. Rolling it around and playing with it as if it were the new dog at the park. It was pretty wonderful if you're fond of words and language....more

Desert Rose Apocynaceae


Fall Garden Update

Nine Days Later the sake of good blogging, I keep you apprised during this month of slow germination and  NaNoWriMo. It took a little while before things started to stir in the three beds that I planted....more

What To Expect can hardly wait for seeds to sprout and transplants to mature. Here's alist of what I've planted. Bed One:...more