Egyptian Koshari

Koshari is an Egyptian staple and I sure do love it.  I have heard it told that on Richard Nixon's Presidential trip to Egypt, he found Koshari and Belly Dancing to be his favorite experiences in the land of Pharaohs.  I in part agree, I sure do love Egyptian food and it is part of what I love about my Egyptian travels.  It is a pretty amazing concoction that is considered the National Dish of Egypt....more

Southwestern Spicy Habenero Smashed Potatoes

Yes, needless to say, I like it hot. It seems as though everything we make has a spirited kick. I have detailed how we, at any given time, have a minimum of 6 different hot sauces and several types of peppers in our pantry. I have always had a love of all things fiery. When I was very young, my Grandfather would make Jalapeno dip ( a recipe which I will most certainly share with you all soon) and even as a wee tyke I would scoop it up and devour it with relish. Clearly, I was not your typical PB&J loving child....more

Bacon Asparagus Bundles with Serrano Chili Vinaigrette

I'm going to continue with the appetizer/side dish theme from the last post. We can always use more side dish options or at least I can.  I think that we can all agree, bacon is a crowd pleaser and not only that just about everything is made better with the addition of bacon. Seriously, a person very dear to my heart once told me that he was always able to keep kosher until the day he had a bacon cheeseburger, from that day on he was a non-kosher Jew. He was a bacon lover from that moment on.  I love that story....more

Falafel Salad with Jalapeno Tzatziki

Meatless Monday is big right now.  In our house we have cut down on our meat consumption quite a bit for diet, health and ethical issues.  Don't worry  I'm not going to get on my anti-factory farming soap box (although as we all know, it is a great thing to buy local and from small farms and ranches).  Anyway, salads get boring and I don't know about you but I need to feel satisfied and want to have some substance to my salad.  So, I said to myself, what could I add to my salad to make it hearty but keep ...more

Tea Party Turmoil - Tea Recipes!

Foil Wrapped Tea Infused HalibutDeveloped, Tested and Finalized by: Andrea Madigan...more