#NotInTheBrochure: How We Must Make Adoption World Better

Nobody Told Us Have you heard this from a birth parent? No one told me it would hurt this much for this long. They told me about open adoption, but no one told me how hard it would be to navigate these relationships and feelings ....more

5 Yoga Poses to Open Your Heart for Valentine's Day

Last year, I brought you 5 very sexy yoga poses to work into your Valentine's Day... activities. This year I'm back with something even more important: self-love. You can more easily attract love from outside yourself when you've activated love within yourself. Here are five yoga poses to help you do just that in preparation for Valentine's Day. Whether you're in a relationship or seeking one, these poses will help you get your heart on the right track. ...more
sarikanair Maybe you'll find this one helpful: ...more

Where is the Oversharing Line in Our Adoption Stories?

Question: I just read your article and am an adoptive mom to a beautiful 10 month old boy named Quinton. We have a good relationship with the birth parents and have stayed connected though we reside across the country from them. We tell almost everyone that Quinton is adopted, often because people exclaim how much … Continue reading Where is the Oversharing Line in Our Adoption Stories? ...more

Consequences of Openness in Adoption

The Winter/Spring issue of Pathway 2 Family is out....more

Can You Get to Ohio in March?

If you’re interested in adoption issues and able to be in the Cleveland area the weekend of March 18-20, you’ll want to know about the Annual Adoption Gathering hosted by Adoption Network Cleveland. Coinciding with the first anniversary of this, ANC offers this: From Adoption Network Cleveland’s Open Invitation: The Ohio adoption community has experienced … Continue reading Can You Get to Ohio in March? → The post Can You Get to Ohio in March? ...more

Whose Story Is It?

Question: I am adoptive mom of two adorable kids...more

Adam Pertman on Supporting Adoptive Families

You might think that once adoption papers are signed and the child has a forever family, that’s the end of the story. Guest poster Adam Pertman stresses that while finalization is the end of one journey, it’s also the beginning of another. Permanency for Children & Support For their Families Finding safe, permanent homes for … Continue reading Adam Pertman on Supporting Adoptive Families → The post Adam Pertman on Supporting Adoptive Families appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

Perfect Start

My friend and I met on New Year’s Day at the beautiful Dushanbe Tea House in a nearby suburb. It’s the second time in a row we’ve met there on this day, making it our brand new New Year’s tradition. The food is delicious and just a bit exotic ....more

The Year of the Luz 2015

Highlights and lowlights of 2015. Quarter 1: Family Fight Night It was a rough start to the year. My...more

Snow White and Roses Red

Contrasts in the dying light of the shortest day of the year. * #onmywalk *...more