Women of the World Unite!

Dear Sisters (and I mean all you gals out there--no matter how old you are or what party you belong to, whether you work or stay home and care for your children, whether you live in the heart of our country or are flung on the farthest coast), ...more

1968 to 2008: We Must Not Screw This Up

This column first appeared on HuffingtonPost.com. Comments not included here. ...more

Woe Is Me Signals McCain

John McCain got his panties in a wad when Senator Barack Obama, during his recent trip overseas, clearly demonstrated to voters in the United States, as well as to the 6.6 million Americans who live abroad that he is a world-class leader, raring and ready to go. The fact that the majority of the rest of the world shares the viewpoint that Obama is a tremendous -- in fact, the best -- candidate for the U.S. presidency was only icing on our nation's cake. ...more