Summer 2015 Reading List

Two Trips to Charleston, SC

Denise I need to plan a third trip!  We do love the Angel Oak--truly indescribable, isn't it?  ...more

Battling Sibling Rivalry One Sister Day at a Time

My hair is an electrocuted halo.  I screech like a teenage demon who has pounded three too many  knock-you-flat cocktails of hormones-social life disaster-sibling rivalry....more

An Open Letter to Disney: Your Magic Convinced This Skeptic

Dear Disneyland, Your bathroom custodian won my heart. As I crammed in the stall waiting for a wee mermaid to finish her business, I overheard the following: “Ladies, come right along. Stalls are open on this end. Oh, and Happy Birthday to you!” All so cheerfully and helpfully crowed by a woman clad in a white uniform pushing a plastic cart piled high with toilet paper rolls. A birthday wish? So heartfelt? In a women’s bathroom? That, Disneyland, is when I fell for you -- head over heels....more
@Angel Knows What a precious memory!  Thanks for the input on the cruise too.  Prior to our ...more

Why We Need Anchor Vacations

It’s the kind of burger that makes you groan luxuriously on the first chomp.  The pillow of bun, the juice of beef, the slip of lettuce, the squish of tomato, the salt of cheese.  The burger is a mouthful of summer.  I chomp this burger in ghost mouthfuls year-round, even in the summer-dead-days of February hundreds of miles from the real deal....more

Valentine's Day Inspiration to Love (Not Like)

“Mama, I think you are the best mommy in the whole world.”Oh, I just want to grab those words and carry them around in my pocket for, like, the next seventy years.  They’ll be well worn from my hand reaching in for a reassuring rub.“What makes you feel like I’m the best mommy in the world?”  I ask, curious to hear Little Friend’s response.“I like the way you look.  And I like all the ways your voice sounds,” {I’m currently hoarse with a cold}, “And I like that you let me do what I want.”Ah hah....more

There Have Always Been and Will Always Be Days Like This

But since I don’t have Ruth’s testimony on the matter, you’ll just have to take my word for it: someday, when your future mother selves wonder and imagine, let me assure you that yes, there will be days like this. Days when you wake up with a headache bear-hugging the base of your brain. Days when you dread the sound of your firstborn’s footsteps trailing from the bedroom. Days when you almost fall asleep on the couch when you’re supposed to be changing the channel to find a requested cartoon....more
Your words resonated deeply with me. I have a 20 month old and an almost two month old now. it ...more

The Greatest Gift is the Last Goldfish

She woke up at midnight as soon as Big Friend’s hand touched her back.  She sat up.  Palmed her bangs out of her face.  Said, “Oh hi.  We need to go into the bathroom.”  Big Friend, home from a week’s business trip to Denmark, rubbed her sweaty back.  Tucked her back in.  Promised a trip to the bathroom in the morning.  ”No, Dad,” her groggy voice insisted.  ”I saved a goldfish for you.  I left it in the bathroom.”...more

A Mom's Ache: Motherhood Is Like Breaking Your Toe

The first step of becoming a mother is stubbing your toe. (See? Told you I’d get back around to it.) Something in you breaks. It’s not an essential something. It’s not a something that changes how you look. Or a something that cripples permanently. It’s a something that might change how you act in small ways. It certainly changes how you feel. It’s a something that leaves behind a tender ache. An ache that can be triggered when you stub your heart against a child’s tear or smile of joy....more
 @Nobody wants to be Ethel I love that we're never too old for our mom's hugs.  There's nothing ...more