What We've Lost

Yesterday’s shootings in CT have left me chilled, heartsick, and quiet.  Breaking the silence to share a few things that I think we’ve lost as a nation, beyond the tragedy of the lives that were taken, a pool of grief and sorrow that I can’t begin to fathom.  I only feel it’s slippery edges.   ...more



Catbirds, smoky cellos, and life in the slow lane

When I started homeschooling, I was told that I’d be likely to confront my own issues at an unprecedented level. While the idea seemed strange to me, it’s proved very true.  Moving to the woods made me suspect the same thing would happen, and while I’ve not been caught off guard this time, it’s certainly not any easier.  ...more

A day in the life, the new-ish life that is

Not all pics are from today, this was a sunset last week some time … ...more

Home, yes, it's home already ...

What a week! Today marks the first full week in our new place, and it’s been a crazy whirlwind.  I still don’t have my real voice back, perhaps the husky raspy thing goes along with plaid jackets and chopping wood?  Not sure, but it’s here for now ....more

Get Home Safe


Moving Day ...

Newer pics are on the camera, no time to download.  The above shot was from last weekend, heading out the Holland Tunnel one more time.  Goodbye’s said, as much as they can be, and there are many more that will be missed.  Some whispered ones, as I lost my voice yesterday thanks to a trashed immune system, no sleep, a raging cold, and a fun but oh so not on the schedule trip to the fabulous ...more

Get Home Safe

The days march, the apartment echoes, the tears well up.  It’s my last week in Brooklyn, and I’m alternately excited and devastated.  Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when it’s a place you feel so incredibly at home in.  ...more

Address Found


Packing up, oh the joys ...