Life Lately {Art, Pregnancy, + Parenting Updates}

It feels like it's been so quiet here lately!...more

The Phoenix Soul: Vision is Here!

The latest issue of The Phoenix Soul online magazine (formerly named Sprout) is here!...more

On the Beginning of the End (Again)

at 28 weeks in my second pregnancy, summer 2012 Well, it's here....more

The Price of Becoming Who You Are?

I thought we were the forever kind of friends....more

The Now of Motherhood

Time is slipping away from me.As January dawned, I found myself suddenly halfway through this pregnancy.Just five more months before my life gets really interesting/challenging/beautiful/sleep-deprived, I thought to myself....more

5 Ways Writing a Book is Totally Like Being Pregnant

image by Ellen Kohlenberg via a Creative Commons license I know, I know....more

2015 Word of the Year {#OneWord365}

from my painting Heart-Follower For the past couple of years, I've picked a guiding word or phrase for each 365 day run, hoping that this would help me to better hone in on my goals for that period of time....more

Last Day for EU Residents to Purchase Kindle Books {VAT Update}

You may or may not have heard of the new European Union VAT tax which is being applied to the sale of digital/downloadable items like books, music, ecourses, and more....more