The office bully? Totally my fault

I recently took a mini road trip with a colleague who needed a ride as well as a shoulder to cry on about coworker conflicts. I can empathize. I have a fair amount of experience with people who can masquerade as well-adjusted adults in every other setting but the office, where they’re likely to pair up the...more

We have been doing it all wrong

“Nothing against the way you and dad did things, but …” When a conversation with one of my kids starts like this, it’s time for my poker face. Whatever he has to say is likely to conjure up an “oh reeeaaally,” followed by a “let me tell you a thing or two about a thing or two …” …which is a good way to shut down a conversation with the under 20 set. Or, anyone for that matter ....more

Think YOU can mess with Texas? A mini Houston tour recap.

The George R. Brown Convention Center. Which I very nearly destroyed ....more

Searching for the perfect icebreaker

I’m supposed to come up with an icebreaker for an upcoming workshop, and all I can think of is … beer pong. I’m not big into icebreakers, something to which anyone who’s ever thrown me any kind of shindig can attest. For about as long as I can remember, my main party requirement has been NO games ....more

Homecoming, Halloween and a cure for those distraught over bacon

It’s been a while since we’ve visited our alma mater, University of Idaho, and it almost took an act of God to get us all in the car and on the road in time to actually get there before dark. It’s a six-hour drive to Moscow from here. We’ve been meaning to get up there more often ....more

Betty, Bill Gates, and Beer Pong

Originally, today’s post lamented the lack of beer pong at baby showers. No, really, it did. This is an important conversation to be had ....more

Teen Drivers and the Tao of Natural Consequences

When the kids were little, I was known for making threats that would be difficult, inconvenient or downright impossible to carry out. Mostly, this consisted of vowing to deposit a passenger or two on the side of the road if they didn’t stop arguing, or to “turn this car around” when we all knew wherever it was we were headed was someplace I particularly wanted to be. I loved the whole “natural consequences” idea the Love and Logic practitioners touted ....more

Autumn is awesome. You shut up.

Among the latest Internet hate-fest rampages is the subject of autumn. I don’t get it. People seem to have lost sight of the fact that pumpkin spice lattes signal the end of the asphalt-melting, sweating-out-your-eyeballs, my-lawn-is-crispy-but-I-no-longer-care season ....more

Don’t make me shop with these people

Do you want to know what I enjoy more than clothes shopping for myself? … That is to say, more than hauling my carcass to some monolithic mecca of commercialism smack in the center of an asphalt plane crowded with cars? More than wandering through crowds of gabby, smelly shoppers and their sticky progeny meandering four abreast at a rate one might compare to plate tectonics? ...more

A Dog Day Run

It starts like this: She’s back in there. Where the shoes are. The sunscreen ....more