Why I Am So Mean (or, Why I Don't Blog About Dating)

  I don't give dating advice. No how-to find and keep a partner. I don’t even tell single women to be happy “first.” An extremely new acquaintance was completely confounded by this last week: “You’re so mean.”` ...more

And a year later...

I didn’t know SingleandtheSweetSideof40.com was going to be, well, what it is. In fact, I wasn’t really sure what it is—what my voice is—until I read every post in the year since I started. I thought it was going to be about fabulousness, champagne and lingerie. Ha. Not even in the beginning, as I fumbled to find myself and how I can serve single woman over 40. We are the most overlooked demographic. According to me, and research. I suppose I thought I was going to be a cheerleader. I always hated cheerleaders. ...more

Shameless? Not Me

Shh. Don't tell. I have single shame. What is single shame? The low-grade never-ending anxiety of being one of those things not like the others. The toll of being told – and believing – that if you are not married, there is something wrong with you. Want to know a not-so-secret? That is what wrong with me. The shame. Not the being single. ...more

12 Months, 12 Things I Learned About You

The idea behind SingleandtheSweetSideof40.com was simple:          “write what you know.”...more

41 Reasons the World is Lucky to have Single Ladies Over 41

In case you ever wondered... Single Women on the Sweet Side of 40 are God's Gift to the World.    1. We are Great Aunts, literally and figuratively, to offspring with or without biological ties. We are the fun aunts, the aunts nieces love to hang out with. Every girl needs an Aunt Beth. Even me.   2. We let Big Sisters boss us around and Little Sisters pester us (except me, I was never a pest). We love them and they love us in a way only someone you shared a room with can.   3. We are able-bodied babysitters....more
This is me. SINGLE and almost 43. Cool aunt to my best friends kids. Love this post.more

Why Are You Still Single? Math

Why are you still single?“Imagine my surprise” is my first response to this seemingly innocent but breathtakingly rude question. I say ‘first’ because I’ve learned to keep an escalation list of answers. Despite unwavering hope that a wry reply will end the questioning, 9 out of 10 times, the inquisitioner chuckles, and follows up.“No, really, why?”...more

Wedding Invitation Without a Plus One

I understand why some of us call an ex-friend’s ex-boyfriend’s friend of a friend just to have a date: they need a human shield. Because weddings. Fuck.  The pleasure of your company is requested. Just yours. No Plus One. Though I go solo to weddings exclusively, this pisses me off. I’ve searched my soul for an explanation to my annoyance, one that rises above pettiness. A part of me must be jealous. Nah. ...more

Actual Rules from "The Game of Life" vs. Actual Life

Do you remember playing the Game of Life, as a kid? Remember the little plastic cars and the pink and blue people pegs? Remember when you still had a chance to win? If you knew then what you know now,you would have stayed in Candy Landand let the adults assemble as required. ...more

Happy Birthday: An Oxymoron

I handled turning 40 worse than anyone in the history of mankind. I cried. For six months. Before and after. Mainly because I was single. Single and tired. I freaked out at 29 too. Marilyn Monroe nailed 29 like it was a Kennedy when she resolved to “make (a) strong effort to work on current problems and phobias….” and “try to enjoy myself when I can — I’ll be miserable enough as it is.” But 40, now that's a special kind of torture, especially when you are single. ...more

Hitting Back at the Baseball Game (Balls Included)

Last weekend, I was laughing my head off at a Phillies game, having fun with a single female friend, and chatting-up the "lads" in our vicinity. (Side note: the male-female ratio at sporting events is very favorable for women.)  Everyone was “single again,” i.e., divorced, except your fearless blogger. Thus, I expected suspected my 7th inning stretch might involve a round of Big Why.  ...more