Zombies and creepy flying babies with weapons are symbols of love?

Single women don't need Valentine's Day survival tips. It's a Friday night this year, my friend, not a Zombie Apocalypse. I understand the confusion, though. It is the feast of an undead saint who continues to walk among us. He and his minion- Cupid-- spread fear and eat brains one night a year, an offering to the gods of stereotypes and relationship rules. A creepy flying baby with hunting gear can scare the sh*t out of a girl. Just saying....more

Every Woman Needs Friends With Benefits

We all need Friends with Benefits Not that kind of benefits.Heath benefits. Simply put, having friends helps you live longer, healthier and happier.A study done by the Australian Center for Aging  (ACA) showed that people with the most friends outlived those with the fewest friends by 22%. Another study showed a 60% reduction in mortality rates over a 9 year period for people with a strong circle of friends.One researcher said the effect of a small/non-existent network of friends on mortality is almost as dramatic as smoking....more

F*ck It, Suck It or Bucket?

Deep into a snow day talk-show-rama, the tail end of a round of Marry, F*ck, Kill caught my ear. Except what I heard was, Marry, F*ck, Suck. I am nearly certain my mind was in the gutter on other things, and that the name of the game, already pretty shocking for daytime TV, bleeped or not, was said correctly by the players.  I might have confused it with a segment on a different network on surviving the cold by exchanging body heat. ...more

Single Woman's Encyclopedia of Random Randy Thoughts & Dick-tionary Definitons

The SS40 Encyclopedia of Random Randy Thoughts and Dick-tionary Definitions. ~Hard dicks are all the same. Gigantic flaccid phalluses and short, soft schlongs are similar in size when erect. The little guy is an overachiever. The big guy doesn’t put out much effort. Says WebMD. ~Once a man discovers he has a big dick, he never gets over it. He's "fascinated." Also says WebMD....more

The Not Necessarily Football Numbers for Single Ladies

I am not big on giving dating advice. Do we really need another voice in the chorus telling all the single ladies what we are doing wrong? On the other hand, my extensive dating experience should not go completely to waste.  So while I'm not going to tell you how to attract a man, I will point out places and activities where the male to female ratio is favorable. The NFL is the mother lode. From September through December, every Sunday, millions of men and thousands of women bond and suffer together over our teams. ...more

Santa Envy, or What the Reindeer Know about Holiday Parties

 How to Put the Ho Ho Hoin the HolidaysChapter 1:Santa Envy orWhat the Reindeer Know About Holiday Parties...more

Single at Thanksgiving: Who is thankful for you?

Who is thankful for you? You read that right, Pilgrims. Not, what are you thankful for? Who is thankful for you? I am sure your head is already stuffed with possible answers for that awkward Thanksgiving moment when you are forced to be orally grateful for something other than food. Every American is asked and every American dreads answering, “What are you thankful for?” At least the Americans I eat with. ...more

Do You Remember Your First Time (Living Alone)?

My first time wasn’t planned.I was young. I wasn’t ready.I remember how scared I was. I thought it was going to be painful. I was afraid I’d be different after, that it would change me for the worse.I was terrified I’d end up lonely and alone once I did it. That’s what you hear anyway, right?Eventually, I got better at it and started enjoying myself. And not just enjoying it but reveling in it.Once I calmed down and learned a few tricks, I am not ashamed to admit, I really really liked it. I still do, even more.  ...more

Introverts See All, Hear All and Hate ALL

I am an introvert.Nobody believes me.I can work a room. I was a politician in a former life, and a lobbyist and a PR person. I can entertain a table at an otherwise lethally boring rubber-chicken dinner.I can make a scene. I can get my point across.I can make an entrance and an exit.If I do any of that, I am exhausted. I retreat to my home and turn off the world.Ironically, it’s worse when I know, or am supposed to, the people in the room. Reunions are torture, family gatherings, oppressive. The more I care, the more it takes....more

Five Universal Benefits and One Irrational Belief about Privacy

It might just be me. I might be irrational about privacy.A friend suggested as much when we were discussing his upcoming wedding. His bride was moving into his undersized one bedroom/one bath condo. Horrified, I asked, “Aren’t you worried?”“Not really.” He said. “Space is tight but it’s only for a year. She gets the walk-in closet, of course.”“Oh my God, you have to share closets, too?”“What is wrong with that” he said, “and what is wrong with you?”...more
From Tracie SISTAH! PS- Do you think they're strange ;) ?more