I'm Giving Away My Snack Obsession: SkinnyPop Popcorn

As much as I love eating fresh vegetables, whole grains and nuts; sometimes I am in need of something with a little more crunch.  I proceed to eat too much and in turn feel guilty.  Until I discovered SkinnyPop Popcorn.  It is all natural, dairy, peanut, gluten, trans fat and cholesterol free.  It really is the ideal snack and I can't get enough of it.  My kids can't either, which thrills me because they were getting a little too used  to the ice cream man this summer....more

Do Your Kids Play With Guns?

Why are we always one season or holiday ahead of ourselves? I can barely find a summery dress when all the stores are displaying sweaters, jackets and boots. I'm far from ready to look at the Back to School displays, although my daughter will be devastated if I don't buy the Hello Kitty backpack she is insisting for Preschool. Then in yesterday's mail arrived the coveted first of the Halloween catalogs. I always envisioned myself making my kids' costumes by hand, as my mom did for me. It is a sad reality that not one kid in the my son's class last October wore a handmade costume....more

Should I Join a CSA?

One of my readers, Rachel, recommended today's Meatless Monday recipe on Ups and Downs of A Yoga Mom's Facebook Page.Rachel wrote that her CSA suggested this recipe: Bake cooked lentils with rice, chopped kale, heaps of good curry, and coconut milk.  Serve with pat of butter on top. How yummy and nutrient rich does that sound?...more

My Thumb Sucker Needs to Kick The Habit

My almost three year old sucks her thumb.  I have always been glad she's a thumb sucker, as I know when she is tired and her thumb soothes her from crying often.  She doesn't have a blanket like her brother, who has had problems sleeping if he doesn't have it with him.  Luckily, she always has her thumb. ...more

I think you should do everything in steps. Potty train, and then eliminate thumb-sucking. One ...more

Do Not Judge Me, Please

An important yogic principle is that of no judgment.  Ahimsa meaning non-violence explains the need for lack of violence in body, speech and especially thought.  Ahimsa is a challenge for experienced and novice yoga students to enter a crowded class and not judge all the skinnier, stronger and more experienced yogis effortlessly flowing into complicated poses.  Goswami Kriyananda explains that when we practice non-violence we.....more

It's a recession - let's share our gifts.

Nothing brings me greater joy than regifting.  It is matchmaking at its finest.  To find the perfect present for someone else; why not give it to them?  It shouldn't matter if your boss, friend or relative gave it to you first.  Right? Regifting saves money, the environment, shopping time and declutters your home.  To me it is win, win, win.  Of course there are a few guidelines.  1.  The recycled ...more

Well, you have to put the old gifts away in a spot that you won't see them regularly. When the ...more

Living and Giving with an Open Heart

The life lessons learned in yoga are endless.  One basic concept that seems very relevant this holiday season is to live with an open heart.   Physically and energetically a backbend is an amazing pose to open the heart.  I ...more

Something About Those Keds

The year was circa 1988.  Everyone had Keds.   There were the basic white, canvas tied ones, or the cool slip on shoes.  Then the really lucky kids had the leather version.  What really made them fashionable was the blue rectangle tag on the heel. My mom figured, why get me the expensive name brand version when they have the same exact ones at Kmart (I don't think Target was around yet).  They even had the imposter slip-ons.  Yes,...more

Kids and Soda

I barely allow my kids to drink juice.  At every meal they can choose between milk and water.  Maybe on a warm summer day after playing outside we cool off with a glass of lemonade.  I went to pick up my 4-year-old son from a new friend's house and he was drinking a CAN OF SODA.  I was speechless.  First, I felt mad.  Then I saw the 2-year-old baby drinking soda and I felt sad.  I never remember being a soda drin...more