Americans need to know about GMOs

Natural Foods Companies join forces to educate consumers on GMOs...more

5 Reasons you should invest with your faith values

When it comes to investment think reinvestment with your faith valuesThere’s been a lot of news as of late about international faith institutions making large transfers of funds in their portfolios out of companies who cause harm to the planet. Although, there hasn’t been a major announcement in the US yet for a faith-based institution, the news is sure to come....more

Whole Foods Whole Headache

Whole Foods has a problem. Actually Whole Foods has created a problem for itself.As more and more Americans become educated on how, where and when their food is grown and delivered, more consumers are making better educated choices about their food. However, as more people become educated that also means more people are asking questions. Additionally, with the instant gratification of the internet, people expect answers immediately....more

The Problem with Paleo

For the last couple of years my time has been spent in the natural food world and one word keeps on popping up…Paleo. What is Paleo? It is a real diet? Is it a community of bloggers and workout enthusiasts? Is it a lifestyle? Is it science? Is it worth taking note of or just another fad?Well the answer might surprise you. It is all of the above. It also is a great story! It has plots and subplots, interesting characters, compelling facts, villains, and plenty of drama. In fact, it has tons of drama. The Paleo world has all the makings for a good Southern novel, if you ask me....more

Expo East: Trick or Treat for Adults

As many of my readers know by now, I spent some time in Baltimore at the Natural Products Expo East tradeshow. To see what I tweeted you can read the Tweet Diary here. I also took a lot of pictures of yummy foods and products. You can see them here....more

How I saved 66% on my electric bill during the summer

Let’s start off with some transparency. As much as I consider myself environmentally aware, I am by no way perfect. No where near. However, I also understand it’s all about, as my friend Betsy likes to say, Progress not Perfection. As I look over my life in the last five years and the simple changes I've made, it’s truly amazing how much my lifestyle has changed. I have learned so much because of Southeast Green’s mission....more

It's not just's repurposing

My friend Karen used a term that really struck home with me...repurpose.Not just use until you can't use it anymore but find something else to do with it besides tossing it into the waste stream until it's really ready to be in the waste stream. In my head (I spend at lot of time talking to myself) I can hear a chorus of but wait a minutes out there. Not everything is for everyone that I am about to discuss. Just do what you can do....more

Food Equity – rethinking how we define our food system

I have been on a journey during 2013. It started at the Georgia Organics Annual Conference last February entitled Farm Rx....more