Might as well blog...

Dan is still in Seattle so I figured since I had nothing else to do, I might as well blog....more

Parade pictures!

So Thanksgiving has come and gone and now I'm left wondering how it's time to start getting ready for Christmas already!We had a great Thanksgiving day even though Dan spent quite a bit of time on the phone for work. Mom and Dad put out quite the spread as usual....more

Painting and scouts and more scouts!

Is it Tuesday already?...more

7 Quick Takes!

We made it to another Friday so that deserves Seven Quick Takes!1....more

They can't get here fast enough....

I can't believe I'm about to type this but....I can not wait for my glasses to be ready.Yep....more

My birthday boy!

We celebrated Peter's birthday on Sunday with a steak dinner at my parent's house. And there was cake and presents too!We always measure the kids on their birthdays....more

Fourteen is...

Fourteen is.... intelligent funny handsome moody friendly introverted conservative patriotic tenderhearted Fourteen loves to... go camping play on the computer keep up to date on current events read about history and wars listen to Iron Maiden and Sabaton while doing his homework hang out with his friends hang out outside by himself make his sister angry eat BBQ, milk shakes and pizza...more

A bunch of random...

I have an appointment with the eye doctor today and I'm going to bite the bullet....more

And that was our weekend....

Peter's team won their first game on Friday!...more