Racing Updates You Missed Because You Don’t Know How Twitter Works

If you can’t tell, I created all of the titles for the past week of blog posts really late at night while enjoying my new love, lemon ginger radler. But I am standing by them. #seoshitshow "Hey Bruton, why don't you play with the tracks you already have?" - Dan trying to keep Ada from building a 5th living room race track — Beth Wagner (@bethanew) August 2, 2014 The bulk of the racing action takes place on our living room floor these days ....more

Only Drink the Local Bourbon

In July, Dan and I left Ada to fend for herself in the wilds of her grandparents’ candy drawer and drove to Louisville, Kentucky for the Forecastle Festival. The timing was perfect, because we were able to have breakfast with our Michigan friends, BLC and Amy, while they were in Chicago for music fun of their own. And we were so close, of course I was going to hit up the Spice House ....more

Let’s Be Lazy in the Vicinity of Bears

In June, we made our second trip to the Catskills for Manitou’s Revenge, an incredibly grueling ultramarathon that takes place in what has definitely become one of my favorite places in the world as I know it so far. We stayed at the Weyside Inn again, that was the view from our cabin. ...more

Da, duh-da-da, duh-da-da, duh-da-da da-da-da!

This one’s definitely not my story to tell, so I’m only going to tell you the parts that are mine. In May, I officiated the wedding of one of my very best friends and her dear love. I put together a very religious *sounding* ceremony, minus the religion ....more

First moto jacket #whatadawore


Firsts, Lasts, and Fosters

In breaking news, 4 months ago we took Ada to her first Indianapolis 500. We started off her very special weekend by leaving her in the motorhome at the state fairgrounds with her grandma while we went to the Little 500 in Anderson. The Little 500 was what it always is for me ....more

So have you ever seen a blogger do that thing

where they announce they are taking a break because oh my gosh, blogging is just so hard, and you roll your eyes because it feels so attention-whorey and you’re all like “Hey if you really needed a break you wouldn’t make a big deal out of it and quit and come back a week later, you’d just stop posting for awhile or something?” So I guess I did that without realizing it. Since my last post here, I have: taken my kid to her first Indy 500 and first Indy car race pronounced two people man and wife, legally flew to New York and back took over my childhood home and changed EVERYTHING bought everything in IKEA, twice went to a music festival and drank bourbon and spoke to the Watson Twins like a goober changed jobs, in a super huge way started planning a birthday party for my nearly THREE year-old, whaaaaat what? I took some pictures ....more

Finding Manzanita

Every time I fly into Phoenix, I look out this window and that window. I know I’ll never see it, but I look for Manzanita Speedway anyway. It closed unceremoniously in early 2009, was bulldozed into a pile, and it’s on the wrong end of the city for my flight path ....more