Write Real Stuff

Title = what I kept repeating while I was logging in. While I’m not sure I feel up to “writing real stuff” tonight, in a long extended real stuff sort of way, here are things that have happened recently. My dad had half of his colon removed, but will not need chemo ....more

Planning Our Foodie Podcast

Beth: do you guys have Menards in Ohio? Kristen: Yes Beth: so I’ve been telling people to go to Menards and find the 2 lb bag of Albanian gummy bears because they are the freshest, softest, tastiest candy I’ve ever had but I just realized the bag says Albanese. not Albanian ....more

17 Life Changing Text Messages One iPhone User Never Expected

Me: so I’m questioning everything about my life right now Me: it is of course, iPhone/Android related. Me: so my pizza place has the WORST phone system Me: it’s a cheap IP system Me: it mutes one side if it picks up too much background noise, it beeps, you can’t hear when they read stuff back Me: it takes like 8 attempts to get the address right Me: I used to think it was me Me: but then everybody I know commented on it Me: all Android users, because those are my real friends, obvs Me: my Android is dead Me: tonight I called from my iPhone for the first time ever Me: crystal clear Me: did they get new phones? Me: did they finally listen to my complaint? ...more

Chili Bowl Saturday

Big day yesterday, lots of windshield time. I had to check in on a home show in Grayslake for work, about an hour and a half from home. Saw the coolest chair while there: Then we had to book it back to a smart TV in time for the E mains of the Chili Bowl, to watch Uncle David and team ....more

My dad, being a Grandpa

Want me to bring you anything from Tulsa, Ada? Maybe a mini-sprint? ...more

Dan is car shopping

Dan is car shopping. I’m just not ready for this ....more

Ada, getting honest

You should give me a jelly bean because or else I’ll cry ....more

One Fast Move or I’m Gone

Have you ever listened to an album non-stop for an entire year and then forgot it existed for a long time? I re-found this one this week ....more