What Do You Do with the Leftover You?

If you follow any sort of gossip or have signed into Facebook in the last few weeks, you’ve seen the posts floating around about Taylor Swift and the is-she-isn’t-she gay or bisexual or dating her BFF Karlie rumors, or how she asked, as a birthday gift, for the media to stop accusing her girlfriends of dating her after any photographed expression of intimacy perceived to be beyond. More than ....more


That picture is from a series we took tonight to include in an email to Dan, who is gone for 11 days in Arizona and Utah for the Grand to Grand Ultra. In updating him on what he’s missed of Ada in the last few days, I realized I owed an update here as well, but for months. Ada is still pretty fearless, so long as she has her earmuffs ....more

Indy 500 Trivia Arguments Are Scheduled for Thanksgiving Already

Right before our flight from Newburgh, NY to Philadelphia in June, I decided I needed some new books on my Nook. I did a very quick search for the words “Indianapolis 500″, as I just read a history of the 1964 race in May and wanted more information to put it in context. Also, my little brother is kind of a know-it-all and one of the areas of history that he has completely memorized is Indianapolis and I’m not about it to cede that to him the next time we are throwing things at each other during a Thanksgiving game of Trivial Pursuit ....more

Racing Updates You Missed Because You Don’t Know How Twitter Works

If you can’t tell, I created all of the titles for the past week of blog posts really late at night while enjoying my new love, lemon ginger radler. But I am standing by them. #seoshitshow "Hey Bruton, why don't you play with the tracks you already have?" - Dan trying to keep Ada from building a 5th living room race track — Beth Wagner (@bethanew) August 2, 2014 The bulk of the racing action takes place on our living room floor these days ....more

Only Drink the Local Bourbon

In July, Dan and I left Ada to fend for herself in the wilds of her grandparents’ candy drawer and drove to Louisville, Kentucky for the Forecastle Festival. The timing was perfect, because we were able to have breakfast with our Michigan friends, BLC and Amy, while they were in Chicago for music fun of their own. And we were so close, of course I was going to hit up the Spice House ....more

Let’s Be Lazy in the Vicinity of Bears

In June, we made our second trip to the Catskills for Manitou’s Revenge, an incredibly grueling ultramarathon that takes place in what has definitely become one of my favorite places in the world as I know it so far. We stayed at the Weyside Inn again, that was the view from our cabin. ...more

Da, duh-da-da, duh-da-da, duh-da-da da-da-da!

This one’s definitely not my story to tell, so I’m only going to tell you the parts that are mine. In May, I officiated the wedding of one of my very best friends and her dear love. I put together a very religious *sounding* ceremony, minus the religion ....more

First moto jacket #whatadawore