Causes of preterm labor?

I am entering week 3 of successful bed rest following a week's vacay in the high-risk perinatal unit for preterm labor. Baby's in good shape, as we hit 36 weeks this week. Meanwhile, I have been snuggled up to my laptop, obsessively reading labor and delivery nurse blogs like this one, soaking up their stories about birth and preterm labor. Specifically, I'm interested in how I ended up here. ...more

Quick poll: comparing dogs to children - really THAT bad?

  Just wondering...are all mothers are horrified when non-childed people (or pregnant women, ahem!) relate their experiences with dogs to parental experiences with children? Perhaps it's true that childless people do not grasp what it feels like to be a parent, but should their relation of dog love to child love be so offensive to moms? ...more

People shouldn't be villified for their opinions.

But then Betsy did ask. And in the ...more