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 Uberboomer News,  June 14, 2013...more

Happy 3rd Anniversary Bette Boomer!

 In one month, July 12th, we will celebrate the birth of Bette Boomer. Between now and then, all of us have lots going on…as do all busy boomers! We have been honored to share so much in the last three years, and are excited about what the future will bring.We will have a lapse of updates until late July. I personally will be in Europe for 3+ weeks with my husband and two teenagers, and look forward to providing some insight thereafter....more

Later Boomers Must Read!

Can You Haggle for Health Care?

You can’t really pick up a newspaper or magazine without finding an article about health care. We read, listen and watch as the tale unfolds, but rarely do we truly understand the plot, or any of the twists and turns, until we are the protagonist. ...more
wow. This is something I didn't really think about before, thank you! This has started me thinking.more

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Fiscal Outlooks

What will the New Year bring?

 The world did not end and the horizon is before us. What will you make of it?There are so many great choices to make. Here are a few our team will be exploring:...more