A few days ago my daughter phoned from college with the news that she had been asked to run for the Executive Branch of student government at college. This comes as no surprise since this year Elizabeth was elected to serve on her student Senate.  Bubbling with excitement Elizabeth relayed, "John is running for President, Fentriss for Vice-President, James for Treasurer...and they want me to join their slate and run for Secretary." "Secretary?!"  I queried. ...more

Title IX: From High School Gyms to Beijing

As the Olympic games closed yesterday, the number of women athletes winning gold medals was significant. It reminded me of a recent trip I made to see athletes that were not yet at the level of these girls representing America on the world stage, but no less inspiring: the Girls Volleyball Festival in Reno, Nevada where over 9000 girls ages 12 to 18 converged in camaraderie of positive sportsmanship. ...more