Like Don Draper, We're All Making Person-to-Person Calls

  SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet seen the series finale of Mad Men, WATCH IT BEFORE READING ANY FURTHER.Spoiler Alert #2: I’m not kidding. Spoilers?  This post haz ‘em. Get out while you can.Spoiler Alert #3: All right, last chance. You’ve been warned.  And, here we go …...more

What We Can Learn About Government and Politics From Rwanda

I know. Rwanda isn't exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think of women in leadership roles, right? Yet it is. The genocide was 20 years ago. Since then, women have made huge strides, with a female-majority parliament leading Rwanda to pro-woman policies....more
Thank you so much for sharing that Nat Geo article! It's extremely fascinating and awesome to ...more

Why I'm Proud to Be Part of #WomensLives

Eleven years ago, I left the country for an event that forever changed how I viewed myself, my chosen lifelong profession of fundraising, and the world.Along with 400 other women representing countries from Mexico to the Netherlands, I had traveled from my suburban Philadelphia home to Toronto for the Women’s Funding Network’s annual conference....more

I Was Wrong About the Asperger's Storyline on 'Parenthood'

Dear Ron, Jason, all the writers and every member of the cast of Parenthood: I’m sorry. I owe all of you an apology. A big one. Back when your new show Parenthood premiered (how could that have been six seasons ago? seems like forever, yet not long enough) I underestimated you. ...more
They did an amazing job!more

What Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day Means When You're Among the Long-Term Unemployed

Exactly nine years ago this week, I was in Toronto's Pearson International Airport sitting next to the co-creator of Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day....more

Monday Morning Quarterbacks of the 80s, Strike a Pose

Judging from my Facebook Newsfeed, you're either in one camp or the other this post-Super Bowl Monday morning....more

"Mommy, Why Does Baby G. Have to Go to Jail?"

"Mommy, why does Baby G. have to go to jail?" That was the question my 9 year old daughter Betty asked when she saw me crying. The news had just come that my friends unbelievably and incomprehensibly lost their adoption case. I struggled to explain the unexplainable to Betty....more
Sadly when I counseled pregnant teens, I know a lot of girls who had an abortion for just this ...more

Make It Count

In the hours between dark and dawn, the dreams came, tumbling over one another as they tend to do. I was sitting outside with coworkers, watching shooting stars after attending a memorial service for a child abuse victim. 'I should be watching these with my kids,' I said, getting up to leave....more

For Elaine

I've given my husband a post-mortem honey-do list, should I meet a sudden end.  Number one on the list?  Deleting, in post and in haste, my Facebook page.  If I needed an additional reason why I want him to do this, now I have one: the media coverage of the murder of Elaine Goldberg. I didn't know Elaine, but her cousin has been one of my closest friends ever since I walked onto Bus 2 as a fifth grader, not knowing a soul in my new suburban Philadelphia school.  We've been friends a decade longer than Elaine was alive....more

Opening Up

I've never cheated on The Husband (nor do I intend to), but if today is any indication, I don't think I could handle the guilt.  I'm absolutely wracked with it. I am in full procrastination mode.  Delaying the inevitable which has been scheduled, cancelled, rescheduled and nearly cancelled again.  I don't want to do this, but I have little choice.  Circumstances and convenience have driven me to this....more