The Star-Strangled Banner

America was once the envy of the world. Now, it’s citizens have got socioeconomic inequalities comparable to places like Chile and South Africa.Why?...more

Lunch Envy

OMG I want America to immediately adopt some of the things done by the French school system -- particularly food and exercise.Have you SEEN the school lunches French kids get? Not only is the food made fresh right there at the school, the: ...more

Country Wide Narcissism: The True Story of Aneglo Mozilo

Y’all, a douchenozzle named  Angelo Mozilo, who was CEO of Countrywide Financial Corp when it created a big chunk of the mortgage crisis that exposed the rot in the world’s economy, is completely ...more

Happy Labor Day!

I know that a lot of people – including moms! – still have to work, I hope everyone here in the USA is having a good Labor Day. For my peeps overseas, I hope you are having a nice regular day!However, being the progressive liberal that I am, I cannot help but offer up a reminder that, like Memorial Day, this holiday marks something for which people died....more

Keep Them Safe, Dammit

Children from Central America, who have legally entered the USA to request asylum (AKA refugees), are being rapidly deported and some of them have already been murdered. ...more

Anger In & About Ferguson

Protesters in Ferguson (including plenty of white folks who aren’t being shown as much on the news because white people shouting out for racial justice isn’t as titillating as ‘scary’ black people doing it) are protesting because they are pissed off. They are righteously vexed. They are mad.  They are irked. They are angry....more

#IfTheyGunnedMeDown Hashtag Calls Out Media's Portrayal of Black People

The hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown is currently trending on Twitter, as a well as a Tumblr devoted to side-by-side images of the same black person, in "respectable" attire and in outfits that could be deemed "thuglike." Which picture would the media use to represent you: the one where you were goofing off with friends and look like a “thug,” or your graduation picture? Guess which one the media tends to use? ...more
I feel your post here is misunderstanding two basic things: firstly police training and ...more

GOP led House Committe admits Benghazi "scandal" was malarkey

Y’all are probably aware that inaccurate reports and articles about Benghazi, many of witch had to resort to lying outright to perpetuate the “scandal”, have driven me batshit crazy. It wasn’t even the politics of the whole thing that got to me; it was the God-forsaken lack of facts....more

Missing the Land of Nod

In a study done by the No Shit, Sherlock Institute of Australia it was discovered that the mothers of newborn babies are shockingly sleep deprived for months after they have had a baby.Who knew? Well, who knew except every single parent ever....more

Healthy Fatties Run Amok

As my Fokkerites have long known, fat/overweight people live longer than thin/normal people.  Guess what?...more
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