The "Sexy" TMNT??

My daughters are going to be cute for Halloween. Lilo is dressing up as the Queen of Halloween. Stitch is going as a black cat, probably because she is aware she is adorable with a wee black nose and whiskers. Spock is going as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but NOT this one: ...more

Baby Buddhist?

We took Baby Spock to the a Buddhist temple this morning for a tour and to talk to someone there. Why? Because the kid is freaking us out, that’s why....more

Guest Post By Sweet Babou

(Look what Sweet Babou left for me to find on my blog this morning!)...more
My heart just exploded with joy. ALL the smiles!  Happy anniversary!more

Lovin' on the babies

Motherhood. There seems to be a certain, shall we say, commonality to it across species. ...more
DRAT! The elephant video did not embed :(more

Don't Panic But Do Donate

Ebola is in the USA now, yes. I , like everyone else on the planet, do not want myself or anyone I love or anyone I even know or even complete strangers to get the Ebola virus because the symptoms of Ebola sucks all the universal donkey balls and there is a scary chance you might die if you aren’t initially healthy and in a good hospital. I’ve had food poisoning and exploding form both ends at the same time is no fun. ...more

TaintFace May Be Preggo

My mom called me this morning to let me know my sister-in-law, TaintFace, is probably up the pole. My Mom is, like me, very conflicted. Yes, she will love the grandbaby and I will love my niece or nephew, but Christ Jesus watching TaintFace raise another child after the shit she has pulled with Gozer & Gamer makes us both want to pull our hair out....more

Paula Muran thinks she can sue people for re-tweeting??

I am starting to think Paula Muran is more than a mere asshat. I am starting to believe Paula Muran may be a full-blow nutcase as well. Paula Muran has been sending threatening emails to people claiming she will sue them because – get this – they re-tweeted unfavorable comments about her! Yeah, we all know how strong those anti-re-tweet laws are. ...more
ReneeNickel I will re-tweet the pies and sue people for "eating" it.more

Should I Sue Paula Muran for Defamation?

Some of my Twitter followers & friends have brought it to my attention that Paula Muran is tweeting about defamation lawsuits. ...more

Bill Frezza Call Frat Bros Rapists-in-Waiting

Since I have been on the subject of nasty-ass twatwaffles who love to blame the victim, I though I’d say my piece about Bill Frezza’s now-deleted Forbes article entitled "Drunk Female Guests Are the Gravest Threat to Fraternities".He explains himself:...more

Keep Digging, Paula Muran

You would think she would give up and just apologize to Panayiotab for trying to rape-shame her, wouldn’t you? Nope. Not Paula Muran. Instead she went on the “my words did not mean what you think they mean” defense. ...more