OMG Spock is Funny!

My precious and adorable Spock is home sick again today. She is still running a low temp and her ears started to hurt last night. Fearing ear infection, I promptly treated them with tea tree oil diluted into olive oil. Her ears seem all better this morning (no pain) but I’m keeping up the treatments as long as she has such bad sinus drainage since sinus drainage can lead to ear infections in wee ones....more

The Value of What Has Been Broken

On yesterday’s episode of The Nightly Show comedian Larry Wilmore called out Bill Cosby as a rapist. Even though more than 30 women have stated publicly that Bill Cosby raped them, there are still those who are unwilling to believe it. Worse, there are those who believe it but just don’t care....more

Epstein, Prince Andrew, and Human Trafficking

One of my earliest posts, way back in August of 2010 (Holy Shit; has it really been that long?) was about a “billionaire douche-face child-rapist” named Jeffrey Epstein who – along with “Jean Luc Brunel, owner and ‘talent scout’ of the MC2 ...more
if she was 17 that would also require a (3) knew the legal age for consent was not 16 and over ...more

Phyllis Schlafly Spews More Shit

Phyllis Schlafly – the twatwaffle who helped murder the Equal Rights Amendment back in the 70s and remains a very outspoken anti-feminist asshat --  has thoughtfully proffered her solution to preventing rapes  at colleges and universities: bitches ought not be trying to get educations....more

Enteric Microbiota FTW

As you all know, I have been ranting about the effects between what you consume and your mental wellbeing for eons. Thankfully, it isn’t just me screaming about this stuff.  Information is infiltrating the general public now. More and more people are hearing about the connection between enteric microbiota and their brains....more

Deep-Fried Frosted Crack

I have been gluten-free for a while now (actually it is probably the fructan in wheat that it’s best I avoid, but whatever; I eschew wheat). I also do my best to stay clear of sugar, processed sugar in particular. This means it has been YEARS since I have succumbed to the gooey, yeasty pleasures of a doughnut. Sure, there are kinds you can make at home with gluten free flour, but I am 1) lazy and 2) a bad cook. So, no doughnuts for the Fokker....more
LunaFCS That would NOT be worth it!more

Sweet Baby Jesus is a Marshmallow

Once again, I must salute one of the funniest Christmas blog posts it has ever been my privilege to read – Cavalcade of the Bad Nativities. The writer is no longer blogging there, but the site remains as a testament to her glory and mankind’s fails. Also, to witness to the world about the birth of the Baby Marshmallow Jesus. My favorite (and by favorite I mean the one I find the oddest) is this one: ...more

Morgan Beck May Have Lost Her Mind

A little over a year ago I posted about the child custody battle between Sara A. McKenna and Olympic hotshot Bode Miller. When McKenna found out she was pregnant, Bode Miller told her “U made this choice against my wish” but then he later wanted the baby and was pissed McKenna had moved to NY to go to law school.  McKenna then had her baby son taken away from her because she had “absconded” with him IN UTERO....more
BettyFokker But such a great plot device for murder mystery! \U0001f61cmore

Meeping Meep of a Meep

Gloom!Despair!And agony on me!Agent rejection; excessive misery!Those of you old enough and trashy enough to remember HeeHaw now have the song stuck in your heads. You’re welcome....more

O Christmas Tree

My Christmas decorations are up, and by gum the I am ready to don my yuletide gay apparel and be jolly and whatnot. There are candy canes alight in my yard, lights strung over my garage, and snowflakes glowing upon the side of my house. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and there are at least three Baby Jesus figurines lolling cherubically in ceramic mangers throughout my home. The wee Jesus dolls are all strangely white looking for Middle Eastern Jewish babies, but there is only so much I can do people....more