When it rains...it pours

We have had a very rough month. I don't say that for sympathy, but just to keep it real. Life is such a blessing, but let's be real...occasionally it just plain sucks ....more

Top six in 2015

Well hello 2016. I can't believe the New Year is upon us and I am excited about a new year full of wonderful opportunities!...more

Christmas Craziness!

The entire month of December seems to have been a whirlwind. It has been non-stop, something every single night craziness. I love getting to spend so much time with family and friends, and making such amazing memories...but I will be glad for the slowness of January to arrive ....more

Family Pictures 2015

We took family photos last month and even though I thought it was a huge disaster because a certain little guy cried the entire time...they turned out great! That is the work of a true photographer, when you can take crying, screaming children and somehow still get a few good shots!...more

Real Life

I posted this picture on Instagram the other day and it was so nice to be real...to share what life really looks like. To admit that we do not have it all together and our life is anything but perfect. This was my caption: See this smile? ...more

4 and many more!

My emotions always run high when a birthday comes along and I realize another whole year has passed us by. It is so hard as a mommy to watch those years fly by, yet it has become a treasure to watch the growth and development that has taken place as well. It is the epitome of bitter sweet for sure ....more

Old times are fun times!

My sweet daddy decided his grand-babies needed an afternoon of learning how they did things "back in the day". These stinkers are growing up with the...more

Life Lately Fall Edition

How on earth is it almost October?...more

Beach Blast and A New Chapter

We had an amazing week at the beach with my family. This week is something that we look forward to and talk about all year long. I always feel a few days of sadness when it's over because of how much we anticipate its arrival ....more

3.5 and 1.5

Sometimes I lay awake at night and plead with the Lord to just let time slow down. I am relishing in motherhood with my two loves and to think that this time will pass by so quickly makes me feel such deep sadness. I find such joy in these days home with Bre and Weston and nothing makes me more discouraged than realizing that one day soon they will be grown and in school ....more