Being Me from "A to Z"

What an adventure, to be remembered. Early Saturday morning, "The Aviator" (aka husband) and I jumped in the rental car and headed down the coast in search of the Ka'aawa Valley Ranch. This was fun, yet challenging. The highway in Hawaii was a one lane road up the shore. Once we arrived, we had a chance to meet the other runners and check out the view of where we were going to be exploring! ...more

Live and Let Live

I was at the grocery store this morning and witnessed a young man nearly pushing over an elderly man. The young man appeared to be in a race of arriving to the check out line, before anyone else was able to. With all do respect, we live busy lives and may often times experience the internal stress cycle that tardiness creates. I do not know the reasoning for the young man's hurry, but I did feel there was an injustice being done to the elderly man....more