his first week

We’ve been away again—literally and figuratively—and once again I have some catching up to do. I began writing this two weeks ago, now, after Asher’s first week of “little Kindergarten”…so it’s mostly out of date now, but still something I want to share. :: Asher’s first week of school deserves.. ....more

garden journal :: 09.04.14

I’ve mostly given up on our garden this year. It’s still growing, abundantly: tomatoes and cucumbers and broccoli and turnips and celery and are all doing well, in spite of the weeds that are growing up around them. We really have neglected our garden this year—and especially this past month—but.. ....more

stepping back in

I’ve been absent from this space for longer than I planned. If I’m being perfectly honest, these last few weeks have been harder for me than I expected them to be. It turns out I don’t do death very well ....more

in progress :: 34 | 52

We were away from home for a week, so we haven't spent much time in creative pursuits. I did write a poem—about as creative as I've been in the last little bit—but that's hard to show in a photograph, don't you think? I brought Julia's shawl with me to my.. ....more

requiescat in pace

A truly phenomenal man died last Monday morning. He was kind and generous, with a huge heart. He had a quick wit and a wry sense of humor: at his prime, he could be pee-your-pants funny; at his most poignant, his words could move you to tears ....more

garden journal :: 08.07.14

http://www.gardenwalkbuffalo.com I suppose the most exciting thing happening in our garden in the last two weeks is the garlic harvest. The tomatoes and blackberries are ripening in abundance—each day there is more to harvest and eat—but there is something particularly satisfying, I think, about harvesting all of something at once,.. ....more

in progress :: 32 | 52

:: ants Every classroom needs an ant farm, don't you think? We started ours on Friday; watching them work, we're finding, is both entertaining and educational. (The ant farm is from here and the ants from here ....more

in progress :: 31 | 52

:: whole wheat crescent rolls Because they look like the letter C. Julia thought they might taste good if we sprinkled them with cinnamon before baking them. (She was right.) :: pasta salad Perfect to take along for an outdoor movie on the waterfront: Heather's wonderful Caprese Pasta Salad, which.. ....more

garden weekend

Highlights from Garden Walk weekend... :: The weekend began early on Saturday with a trip to the co-op for last-minute lemonade stand supplies, and to the Farmers Market for a flat of blueberries and a jug of maple syrup. (We were undecided on the lemonade stand until we woke up.. ....more

through julia's eyes :: around the neighborhood

We went for a walk, one afternoon last week, to find a tree in our neighborhood that will be our friend for the coming year. We plan to visit it every so often—although, in truth, we walk past it nearly every day—to see how it changes as the year passes... ....more