Open Marriages-Are You Just Afraid They Will Cheat Anyway?

An Open Marriage is defined as: A marriage relationship where the husband and wife have no reservations about one another being sexually involved with other people. Which makes me raise my eyebrow and say hmmm…why is it even called a marriage then? Monique is the newest hot topic when it comes to open marriages....more

Oprah Winfrey''s Double Standard on Domestic Violence

I am not an Oprah fan….. ...more

Sex Offenders & Halloween

There’ll be no Halloween this year…well at least not for many sex offenders in TN. ...more

Rocky Mount murders go unsolved & unpublicized

Ten women in Rocky Mount, North Carolina have either been found dead or have vanished. Are they the victims of a serial killer? This is a story I heard about via a friend’s Facebook page. I was appalled that so many women have either gone missing or been found dead in this small town and I have not heard about it once on the news. ...more