Create Your Own Miracle - Make it Happen!

   I Live in the city of paradoxes, San Francisco    I Live in the city of paradoxes, San Francisco ...more

Motivation - 5 Steps to turning it around - BEAT THE ODDS

The beginning of another week ......And what a roller coaster!!!!!!!!!!!!Are you in need of some motivation? Last week I closed my blog entry with a quote from Thomas Carlyle: "Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment"You gotta keep moving - while things make you angry - and are simply not going your way ... somebody is focusing on Beating the Odds!!! If you had a great week and a great weekend, now is the time to keep the momentum, if you had a rotten one.... Turn it around!...more

BiblioNiche: Sharing your passion - Inspiring Creativity

   Inspiring Creativity ...more

BiblioNiche: GET INSPIRED - Do What You Love! 2 NEW ERA ARTISTS

It's Monday!!!!! GET INSPIRED -  Do What You Love!Today's focus is on2  NEW ERA ARTISTSSo... I have been Talking of Artists,Crafters and Photographers, that are already doing it.They are giving it their all.Here is some of the work that inspired me this week! These artists have a vision and they found a way to live their passion.! mechanic repairs business card template by hutsul old retired bus collage canvas print by hutsul time standing still poster by hutsul  The above is the work of Olga Hutsul from Hurban Design Zazzle Gallery I Love Olga Hutsul's Work!The following is from Urban Design by Olga Hutsul home page:"Everything about urban life is an endless source of inspiration for me – its rhythms, its sounds, its take out smells, its colorful graffiti on brick walls, its conversations in subway. Even the attempt to get away from the city and enjoy the beauty of flowers and nature, my travels, the longing for the sea, still is inspired by breathing the intoxicating urban air. Even my surrealistic dreams, that as you will see found their little place here are created by it. And this is what you will see here. There is no excuse to surround yourself with uninspired objects. Enjoy the meaning in things!!! It is little things that help to acquire meaning in life!"...more

START NOW - EVEN IF YOU START SMALL! Some links on how to get started!

Hi everyone!Thank you for coming back to see what I come up with today and for following on twitter! You know, a couple of years ago, I was sitting in my apartment trying to think of something that would make me feel like what I did matters. I was an online bookseller, I operated out of a storage unit and a tiny office, and I felt pretty good about it because it was my first office!...more

What Can you do? Learn and Share

 Here we are!   Do you know what you want to do? And Why? I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences. ~ Les Brown...more
Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. It's our differences that make ...more

BiblioNiche: What are we doing? My Journey - Your Journey

I Try to get as much inspiration from just about anything and everything around me - I need it! Today I Retweeted this guy!...more
Thanks for reading, can't wait to hear from you!  Next entry Monday - Putting it all together!more

BiblioNiche: Taking The First Step - Who are you?

Hello again!I started my day with one of my favorite songs – which in my opinion holds so much wisdom in its it is if you want to have a listen
Thank you Denise!more

BiblioNiche: Inspiring things - What I do - What's the plan and What's the point!

This is my last entry for today, than it's back to work! Not bad for my first day!So... Inspiring things, What I do, What's the plan, and What's the point!I am on journeyI will start with:  What's the point?...more


Ok, I am just going to start talking ( typing if you will)BiblioNiche?It all started with books .The first book I ever read was the story of Aladdin, as a child. Later in life I did find out it is one of the tales in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights ("The Arabian Nights")This is a 1946 Print by Earle Goodenow...more