I survived the field trip. The students absolutely loved all the equipment and us teachers were very pleased also.After we got back from the trip, my students began working on an essay about their favorite part of the day. While they were doing their prewriting, I sat down at my computer to catch up on the emails I'd missed while we were gone.As I answered a few emails I kept my gaze roving around the room so that I could catch any insanely off-task behavior before it went too far....more

Class Library check-out system

You may have seen my recent photos a a destroyed book from my classroom library. If not, check here. Until then, I had been letting my students borrow any book they wanted without having to bother with a check-out procedure....more

Reader first, critic second

I was attending a professional development workshop this evening. It was on conducting Writer's Workshop in the classroom.The presenter said one phrase (well, one in particular) that really struck me. She said that our students need to be "readers before critics." I absolutely agree with her on that point. How can anyone be expected to be a decent writer if they don't read?I use that reasoning as my justification for stacking my writing classroom with lots and lots of books....more


Some of you may recall (or be learning for the first time) that I'm a teacher. Today is Sunday night; which means that tomorrow morning is Monday. Not only a Monday but the last Monday before Thanksgiving break.Anyway, with tomorrow being a Monday that means there will be kids in my classroom. Which also means I need to have something planned to teach them....more

The Hollowmen


unfinished books

unfinished books I've started and stopped several books recently. They all sounded good; I just wasn't in the mood for them. It happens every now and again. So I figured I'd do a quick round-up and fill you in on why I quit them. I'll also fill you in on which ones I'll probably pick up again and why. ...more

White House library petition

We the People library petition If you go to you will find many, many petitions. Some are frivolous. Such as this one. Although, I must admit that I completely understand their demand for a cookie. That part makes perfect sense....more

Teachers are scavengers

Yesterday while I was taking attendance a student from another class came in. Her teacher had sent her over with a book and a note. The book was The Last Battle. The student said that Mr. Soandso had found it in the workroom and that I could have it. Of course, I went into bookgeek mode, giggling and dancing in my chair. My students always get the biggest kick out of me acting like a doofus....more


Untouchable by Scott O'Connorhigh school & up...more


  If you're a regular blog reader then you've heard of NaBloPoMo. It is a challenge to bloggers to post somethingevery day for an entire month. I'm not sure I can do that or even that I have anything worth saying every day. But I am going to try. Of course, today is the 4th day of November so I'm already behind. But this is my 2nd post today. Does that count?...more