Cancerous Weight

Yesterday, I found this post via a Twitter comment. In the name of awareness - FB color meme. What a powerful post!  It has been running through my head all night and I realized its because it socked me right in the core of my being....more

Julie, you really hit the nail on the head with this one - particularly the part about being ...more

Help Me Learn to COOK

So I am asking for help.  That's a biggee for me.  I have posted this in my 10X Club (if you are not a member yet, you should check it out!) but I need LOTS of help. ...more

Hi!  I thought of you when I posted about edible broccoli today.  It's easy and ...more

Why Do We Drop the Ball?

7 Reasons Why Blogging is like Dieting

Once you make a decision, to start its easy.Jumping in with all the hopes and promises for the future, you jump in full speed ahead. These are just a few things they have in common.  Let me know what you have come up with. It’s Easy to Get Started Blogging: You choose the platform, come up with a name, and write your first post Dieting: You choose the diet, come up with a meal plan, and start your first week. Reality sets in...more

Looking for Weight Loss - Body Image blogs for my Reader

I have been on BlogHer for quite awhile but in stealth mode. While my profile says I am a recent member its because I started a new account.  My blogs have gone through re-vamping, changed servers, and direction, and just like my weight loss, it was time to start once again but focus on the little habits..  Now I need your help.I need blogs for my google reader feed! I start my day reading other blogs.  I love to comment and share. I am looking to build what I read!...more

Thanks Crabby!  That is an awesome starting point!

I will probably burn a few ...more