One Point WW Veggie Maki (Hand-Rolled Sushi)

Easy Hand Rolled Veggie Maki   You'll need: hands (2) special 'hand roll' nori sheets (cone sushi) prepared* short-grain sushi rice sharp, non-serrated knife thinly sliced veggies little bowl of water moistened towel   Drama level: moderate, till you're good at it...   Rice: ...more

Zero Point Gazpacho

Dear Body, I love you. You help me dance. You help me do my thing. Today's menu will help you do yours optimally and be ab-so-freaking-lutely delicious. Big girl approved, I promise!!   Gazpacho: ZERO weight Watchers Points Recipe DRAMA: No Drama   You'll Need: Blender/Food Processer/Juicer (Not Essential) Knife, cutting board, big bowl   Ingredients: FRESH and RIPE (as in, in-season) tomatoes ...more


Big Lovely