If Your Kid Started a New Business, What Would It Be?

Have you ever asked your son or daughter what kind of business they would start? You’ve probably asked them what they want to be when they grow up, or someone has for sure. Why not try a new twist on the old, extremely dated, industrial age question? Instead of asking your kids “Who are you going to work for?” why not ask them what they would create? Without limitations? Interesting, huh? Here’s what a bunch of really great kids came up with this week — all between the ages of 7 to 11 years old:...more

The Art of Creativity in Life and Business

Here are some tips to give you a nudge in the right direction of creative thinking as life and business-survival training. Look for the second best answer. Kids are great at doing this. What do you do with an empty toilet paper roll? Turn it into a megaphone. Play with your cat. Curl your hair. Make binoculars. Cut, paint and use as napkin rings. Make a tall hat for your doll. Store your underwear. Ask “What if”?...more

30 Tips to Becoming a Great Leader

One of the best things I’ve learned throughout my life — first as the oldest of 6 kids and later to running multiple businesses — is that a really good leader doesn’t tell you he or she is leading....more

The good leaders know when to be silent and when to speak and when to nudge and when to be ...more

A great interview question; How to ferret out what someone doesn’t want you to know

During the process of doing some interviewing recently, an old tried but true interview question popped into my mind that I’d like to share with you. It’s useful in a variety of settings... work, home, business.People conceal things for the best and worst reasons – but one thing is certain, unless they are a complete sociopath, that one thing they do not want you to know about is at the forefront of their mind. They’re thinking along the lines of, “Please don’t let her ask me about this”, or, “What if I’m asked about this, how will I answer?”...more

Top 5 Ways to Find a Mentor and the Best 5 Strategies For Asking Someone to Be Your Mentor

Most entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and successful business people have, at one time or another, had mentors that assisted them in their career, business or psychology. And, most of these professionals will continue to have mentors throughout their lives and will go on to mentor others. A mentor is someone who can guide you (or take you under his or her wing) in becoming a better professional. But finding a mentor can be a daunting task. In this article we give you the top strategies for finding a mentor and for asking someone to be your mentor....more

Try, Can’t, But… Is that what you meant to say?

Try, Can’t, But… Is that what you meant to say?Whether playing golf, working on building your business, or interacting with friends… what you say, and how you say it matters!I’ve been coaching, mentoring and participating in mastermind & goal setting groups for over a decade.I hear the following words all the time… and I usually call people on it. There is no worse self-sabotage than using language that sets you up to fail.Get these words out of your language. Remove them from your vocabulary!“But”…...more

Starting a new business is like getting a new pet

The question is, how much time are you willing to spend, and how well do you want your pet to perform?About eight years ago I purchased a cockatiel I named Charlie. I had never had a bird before.I didn’t tell my husband I was buying him; I figured he would probably tell me I was crazy (we had three cats at the time — that’s a different story). My brother in law told me I should name the bird “Lunch”, very funny, my brother in law.I’ll draw some conclusions here....more

Setting Goals for Entrepreneurs: Three Easy Exercises for the Entrepreneur

Goals can be fun. What if a goal helped you be better at something you already loved doing? What if achieving a goal made your relationships better? What if someone else benefited, rather than you? Can you imagine how your outlook on setting goals, and achieving them, would change with small successes that were fun?In these 3 easy exercises we teach you how to set goals that can increase your business, give you new motivation for setting goals you can achieve, and send you on the path to success as an entrepreneur.   ...more

Great advice. I find that when setting my goals, that adding a deadline helps me take action. ...more

Amazon Associates and Colorado HB 10-1193... You're Fired!

As an online marketer based in Colorado (now terminated by Amazon as of this morning, see email below) I am compelled to question the sanity of the state in which I was born and raised. Lesson: Beware of what your state is up to in their efforts to increase revenue....more

Authors note:

For more current ...more

Oh, The Rewards of Leaving the W2!

When given a choice of being forced to live the same day, over and over, working fixed hours, having no opportunity to take risks for potential reward, and doing endless tasks that call for no creativity… it would almost be an understatement to say I would choose none of the above. The W2 job. Ambivalent and indifferent. It’s no wonder leaving that world can be the most satisfying, exhilarating experience of anyone’s life. ...more