'Eye' Can See Clearly Now... Almost

It was hard to decide what category to put this post under but I finally decided on body image. If anything can affect body image it definitely must include the face and eyewear. ...more

Seeing Canada

For the past 2+ weeks I've been traveling with my husband, in-laws, the dog and the cat in a rented RV from southern Ontario to British Columbia. It's been a once-in-a-life-time trip for us. You can check out some great pictures and video footage on my blog which I've finally been able to update, thanks to the hotel I'm currently staying in. I plan on tweaking it when I get home (somewhere around August 6). We're on our way back and we're all tired. I imagine we'll spread out to separate places of the house for some solitude. ...more

Inky Girl

I came across this site recently and have added it to my RSS must reads. Basically, it's a writer/illustrator who creates comics that are writer orientated. She's a hoot. Be sure to check her out at http://www.inkygirl.com ...more