Fashion Friday: Edition how is it almost July?

I meant to mention this all week and kept forgetting. And the truth is I want to write a whole post at some point about our Community Worship Service and how it’s all going. But in the meantime, I just thought I’d share that I’ll be speaking for the first time there this Sunday, June 28th ....more

The wayward campers

So remember about six weeks ago when Piper got spayed and the vet called me to let me know she was a non-compliant patient and I should probably come pick her up earlier than planned? And so I did and just chalked up Piper’s nervousness to the fact that she’d basically had what was a surprise hysterectomy and wouldn’t we all be a little out of sorts if someone surprised us that way? As it is, we have our whole lives to prepare for menopause and it doesn’t seem to make that process go any smoother from what I can gather ....more

Big Boo Cast: Episode the danger of skinny jeans and other things

Sophie and I recorded a podcast yesterday right before I went to go see Jurassic World. And now that I’ve seen it all I can think about is that Bryce Dallas Howard wore heels and a tank top the ENTIRE movie. While being chased by dinosaurs ....more

My summer reading list because I am very ambitious

I figured I better make an effort to put together a reading list for myself for the summer or else I would look up and it would be August and the road to illiteracy is paved with good intentions. And so I have come up with a list of twenty books – which I realize is WAY ambitious for the summer but can always carry me into fall – that I want to read at some point in the next two or eight months. To make this list I used a complicated formula comprised of the books mentioned in the comments on this post I wrote a few weeks ago asking for recommendations and books I’ve heard mentioned other places that sound like something I may like ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition happy father’s day

Well Aunt Camp is over. Gulley, Caroline and I left yesterday morning with the intent to meet Jen at the Chick-Fil-A in Temple. But she texted about an hour into our trip to let us know I-35 was completely shut down coming from Dallas (which if you recall is what happened to Gulley and me about two weeks ago) and it was going to take her much longer than she’d planned ....more

The last day of Aunt Camp

Wednesday was the last full day of Aunt Camp and I have to say I’m kind of sad to see it end. I will also tell you that if you have a four year old, I highly recommend that you find yourself an almost twelve year old girl to assist you because Caroline read him a book and put Linc to bed while I cooked dinner last night. I’ve never felt less necessary in my life ....more

Aunt camp goes to the zoo

Well. Guess who has two thumbs, is all talk, and ended up at the zoo yesterday? This girl ....more

Welcome to Aunt Camp

Yesterday morning I dropped Caroline off at soccer camp and then picked up Gulley so we could meet Jen halfway between Dallas and San Antonio to pick up her little boy, Lincoln. Actually, I stopped at Starbucks in between dropping Caroline off and picking up Gulley because CAFFEINE. I also feel the need to let you know this particular Starbucks was experiencing an air-conditioning outage which just seems so wrong for a coffee shop ....more

The things kids read

Listen. I have fallen into summer and I can’t get up. It’s like we spent last week unwinding from all the activity of the school year and realized how tired we’ve actually been ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition hammer time

On Monday, Caroline and I went to the Sears Auto Center because I had to buy a new battery for my car. This is one of those purchases that falls right above washing machine repair and right below fixing the roof. In other words, smack dab in the middle of the list entitled “Why Adulthood Is Often Not Fun” ....more