Fashion Friday: Edition less than a week until Christmas

This is going to be quick because I wasn’t even going to do Fashion Friday but then I couldn’t help myself because I saw so many cute things that I loved. And some of you might have some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket by next week. 1. saunter through saturday top I’m a little obsessed with anything that resembles a baseball tee right now ....more

A few notes of glad tiding

I mean. Glad tiding is probably overselling it. But I wanted a festive way to convey a few things of interest and so there you have it ....more

The Christmas of the cockatiel

I’m going to go ahead and make a declaration right up front. I can’t guarantee that I am going to be a faithful blog writer over the next three weeks because I have every intention of fully immersing myself in all the Christmas festivities and can’t promise that on any given night I won’t be in the throes of some type of sugar cookie/egg nog/mint M&M stupor. I need to give myself permission to enjoy it to the fullest before the New Year arrives along with all my striving to be a better person who eats vegetables and works out ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition and while you’re shopping for everyone else…

Today’s edition of Fashion Friday comes with a disclaimer. I met my sister and my nephew, Luke, for lunch on Wednesday and Luke and I were dressed the same. And the worst part is we were dressed like Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?” fame ....more

A little gift guide for the man (or men) (or boys) in your life

Thank you so much for the sweet comments and prayers for Jen and her family. She got to go home yesterday and rumor has it she came home to a completely decorated Christmas tree with presents under it. Makes me so happy to know she has such a great community around her on a daily basis ....more

Joyful, joyful we adore thee

So I never really wrote about my shopping weekend with Gulley and you’ll understand why as you read this post. I’ll start with the fact that I look forward to our shopping weekend all year long. It’s one of my favorite weekends of the whole year ....more

A little gift guide for the pre-teen

It has been a busy day around here. Here’s what I accomplished. -Made a grocery list -Planned actual meals that I have every intention of cooking this week -Went to the store and bought things on aforementioned list -Bought Christmas lights at Lowes because I remembered we threw ours out last year -Returned some things to Target -Exchanged some things at Old Navy -Found some red cyclamen at Home Depot to replace dead mums on my porch -Planted the cyclamen and threw dead mums in shrubs with dead pumpkins -Did 184 loads of laundry -Answered 431 emails -Took Caroline to the dentist after I almost forgot she had an appointment -Started hanging Christmas lights and didn’t fall off the ladder -Cooked pork chops for dinner -Sold white couch on local Facebook trading site Please note that of all the things on that list, I am most proud of selling the couch ....more

Coming down from the weekend

Um. So I’m exhausted. Because Gulley and I shopped like it was our job this past weekend and made this happen ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition and now it’s December

I’m not really sure how it’s already December. In some ways I feel like Caroline just started school about two weeks ago. But now it’s December and I’m sitting here typing this in the glow of the lights from the Christmas tree and it’s a crisp, cool 78 degrees outside with 120% humidity ....more

Big Boo Cast: Episode we talk a lot about our dogs

On Thursday morning Sophie and I recorded a new podcast. She always edits them for us because, well, she knows how and I don’t. And she texted me tonight to tell me she had it ready to go but had to edit out some parts where the connection was bad, but we still had over fifty minutes of discussion anyway ....more