Fashion Friday: Edition happy valentine’s and president’s day

So this Sunday is Valentine’s Day. P and I have very romantic plans which involve me speaking at church while he drives Caroline to a soccer game. It’s exactly like a Hallmark card ....more

Coming soon to a city near you (maybe)

Well if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to over the last couple of days, I’ll tell you. Trying to get over this. Nothing in my life really prepared me for that ....more

A book giveaway!

For my first three books, I had an absolutely wonderful editor. I knew from the first time I met her that I could trust her with my words and it’s no easy thing to hand over something you’ve poured your heart and months of your life in to. But Stephanie Rische not only protected my words, she made them better ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition accessories and such

Well, we’ve officially reached a weird fashion time of the year. And it doesn’t help that it’s felt like spring here much of the week. Of course the forecast for Saturday is much colder, OF COURSE, because Caroline has soccer all day long and we’ll be out in it ....more

Happy day of the groundhog to you

So Caroline ended up being home sick for the rest of the week last week. Truth be told, she may have been able to go back to school on Friday but she and P had an invite to go to a friend’s ranch for the weekend. And you know what a mom who’s been home with a sick kid for three days is ready to do? ...more

Fashion Friday: Edition there’s a lot of navy

At one point yesterday when I was working on this, I realized that everything I kept looking at was either navy or striped or navy with stripes. So that appears to be a continuing trend. But I did manage to find a few other things that are neither navy nor striped ....more

Making a murderer or an apple that looks like a flower

Yesterday morning Caroline woke up and said she didn’t feel good. But I made her get up, get dressed and sent her off to school because I’ve found that sometimes if you can just get that train up and moving then it all works out. However, this wasn’t the case ....more

So another week is underway

Can we talk about Downton Abbey really fast before we discuss anything else? I love Downton Abbey and I’ll be so sad when the final episode airs and it’s out of my life forever, even the dumb parts that involve Anna and Bates being constantly under suspicion of murdering someone. But why on earth was it such a relief to everyone on Sunday’s episode that they can still call Mrs ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition thank goodness for the weekend

Considering this has been a short week, thanks to the holiday on Monday, it has felt surprisingly long. Of course part of that is probably because I’ve had my days completely mixed up. Or maybe because my mind decided to be too busy to let me sleep this week ....more

Five current favorites

I need to confess that I just spent the last hour watching an episode of The A-Team with P. And, no, there isn’t a new version of The A-Team that you’re missing. This was straight up early 1980’s A-Team with Mr. T ....more