Fashion Friday: Edition everything is on sale and it’s already Memorial Day Weekend!

This is going to be the quickest Fashion Friday ever because this week? I can’t even. But the good news is it’s an extra jam-packed Fashion Friday because Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale and there are so many good things to be found ....more

Female problems

A few weeks ago, I made an appointment for Piper to get spayed. We’d already had Mabel spayed several months ago but had waited for Piper because it seemed like too much trouble to do it at the same time. Yesterday morning was the day of the surgery ....more

Summer, summer, summertime essentials

First of all, the comments on yesterday’s post are a treasure. If you didn’t see them then I highly suggest you go over there and add a couple of sayings to your best friend repertoire. Personally, I’m immediately adopting “Bust and Grab” which is what you call it when everyone is on their own for dinner at your house ....more

Get excited, Coach Fran

Gulley and I got home from College Station at about 7:00 p.m. on Friday night and I have spent most of the time since then doing shockingly little. The original plan was that Caroline would be playing in a soccer tournament all weekend long, but the tournament got cancelled due to rain which meant that we had exactly zero plans for the weekend. So we watched Guardians of the Galaxy on Friday night and then slept in on Saturday morning ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition I’m in Aggieland

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and emails after yesterday’s post. We appreciate all the support and prayers. Gulley and I left San Antonio on Thursday afternoon and headed to College Station because I’m speaking today at an event for the Texas A&M Foundation ....more

Small beginnings

I was going to begin this whole thing with “A little over a month ago some things began to come together…” but then I sat here and thought about it and that’s not accurate. And so, GOOD NEWS, you’re about to get a long story. P and I have attended the same church since Caroline was less than a year old ....more

Big Boo Cast: Episode Lime and Frankincense

Well, Sophie and I finally got around to recording a new podcast yesterday. And we discussed things like dinner planning, how squeezing a little lime makes everything better, wedding and engagement photos, and my new love of frankincense. But before you listen, a couple of quick housekeeping notes: 1 ....more

The weekend of all the fun

I’m sitting here just a little bit teary as I think back over this past weekend. Which is pretty remarkable when you consider that P is currently watching some show about people being stranded at sea for five days debating drinking their own urine while sharks circle below their raft. But my heart is full because I had the best weekend with friends and then came home to flowers waiting for me and a great Mother’s Day spent hanging out with my people ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition Happy Mother’s Day

Well, four things: 1. Caroline went with me yesterday and we relocated the tadpoles/baby frogs to the creek by our house. I agreed to let her keep one and she has big plans to set up a whole terrarium type thing ....more

Because books are our friends

So I have a bad habit of pretty much not reading books during the school year. I get busy with other things and end up watching T.V. at night or looking at things I’m never going to cook on Pinterest or looking at photos of my high school friends’ kids going to prom on Facebook. Please stay tuned for my informative, helpful tips on proper time management skills ....more